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NextUp Program

NextUp is a supplemental support service available through the ARC EOP&S Program for eligible students who are current and former foster youth. The additional support service aims to assist, encourage, and support current/former foster youth student participants in achieving their academic, enrollment, retention, transfer, and career goals. Along with providing professional skills workshops, book and academic supply assistance, and more.


Interested participants must meet the EOP&S Program eligibility requirements, apply to the EOP&S Program, submit verification of dependency as a foster youth, and be accepted into the EOP&S Program along with the following:

  • Have a Los Rios student ID#
  • New students may Apply to ARC to receive a Los Rios student ID#
  • Apply to the EOP&S/NextUp Program
  • Reside in California
  • Be a current/former foster youth
  • Verify dependency as a foster youth on or after your 13th birthday through a Ward of Court Letter
  • Be under 26 years old at the start of the semester of participation
  • Be enrolled in a course at ARC for the semester of participation and have a current educational plan for at least one full academic year with at least 9 units per term.
  • Complete a FAFSA or CADAA. ARC must be designated as your home college. All EOP&S participants (new and continuing) must have a CCPG Fee Waiver on file with Financial Aid with a status of CCPG-A, CCPG-B, or CCPG-*C *(with $0 to -$1500 SAI)
  • Attend a NextUp orientation and complete the NextUp Contract
  • Complete professional and/or personal development workshops during each semester of participation

* Foster Youth can be accepted to the EOP&S/NextUp Program at any point during the academic year as long as they meet the above qualifications.

If you are a current or former foster youth and are interested in applying to the ARC EOP&S/NextUp Program during a time that the program application is closed, please complete this “Quick NextUP Application”.

Please complete and submit the application along with a copy of your Ward of Court letter to: and call the program at (916) 484-8128 to make a Counseling appointment to create an Education Plan for a full academic year with at least 9 units each semester term.

For your Counseling appointment, please plan to bring your completed application along with your Ward of the Court Letter to leave with the counselor. These materials will begin the review of your application for EOP&S/NextUp Program participation.

For further questions, please call:
ARC EOP&S Program
(916) 484-8128

Services Provided

As NextUp participants, students are EOP&S Program participants receiving EOP&S services along with the following NextUp-specific additional services:

  • Access to the NextUp support staff for personal guidance towards the successful completion of goals and academic objectives.
  • Monthly monetary NextUp support services to assist with books and other educational supplies (monetary awards are dependent upon the student’s Financial Aid status and unmet need)
      • NextUp Students are also encouraged to complete a Chafee grant application for additional funding. Note: Half time enrollment (6 units) is required for this grant.
  • Assistance with out-of-pocket childcare expenses (if funding permits)
  • Referrals to support groups, workshops, and other personal development events
  • For Any additional needed resources, please discuss the need with the NextUp service staff member or a Counselor, or the Coordinator for the possibility of assistance