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Our Commitment to Preventing Sexual Misconduct

American River College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment free of sexual harassment and violence.

Sexual misconduct is prohibited by district policy and federal and state law. We will promptly respond to reports of sexual assault and take action to prevent any further misconduct and impose discipline (when necessary).

Resources at a Glance

District Policies and Regulations

Take a deep dive into our policies and regulations to learn more about our stance on sexual violence and the procedures we have in place to address and remedy claims of sexual misconduct.

Get Help

Equity OfficerDr. Robert (BJ) 484-8163

Title IX OfficerDr. Nicole 484-8462

WEAVE Confidential Advocate
Andrea Becerra-Lara
(916) 568-3011
Welcome and Support Center

Los Rios Police
(916) 558-2221