Transfer Center

As per the Los Rios District wide directive, all facilities will be closed and the district will begin 100% remote operations until further notice. While these actions are necessary for public health and safety, we understand how this transition of services may present challenges. Therefore, the Transfer Center is doing its best to facilitate alternative resources and services.

  1. Events Cancel: The entire calendar of events under the “Spring Transfer Workshop Series” will be canceled including all field trips, workshops and the UC/CSU Admit Ceremonies. In replacement, our staff will work together to centralize transfer-related resources, links and videos on our website and through important transfer email announcements.
  2. Continued Appointments through Phone/Online: We will continue to host “Transfer Center Counseling” and “University Representative appointments”, but they will be hosted over the phone and not in-person. You may book for appointment online or over the phone (916) 484-8685 under the drop menu entitled “How to see a University Representative” and “How to see a Transfer Center Counselor”. We are looking to increase the number of available appointments
  3. Email: Due to the lack of in-person services, we encourage students to email their transfer related questions to the main Transfer Center email, or our partner University Representatives. Please be detailed and specific with your inquires with name, Student ID #, current contact info (phone) and attach any related supporting documents (i.e., All college transcripts, AP/IB Scores, appeal docs, petition docs)

The Transfer Center provides the most current applications, catalogs, and resources to ensure that students have a smooth transition to four-year colleges and universities. Students may talk to community college counselors and meet with admissions advisors from California State Universities, Universities of California, and Private and/or Out-of-state Universities. ARC is committed to helping students become better informed so that they may plan for their future with as much knowledge and support as possible.

Our services include:

Transfer Counseling
University Rep Meetings
Application Assistance
Transfer Workshop Series

College Field Trips
Transfer Day Fair
General University Information

RSVP for a Transfer Workshop

Workshop Calendar

Generica Calendar image

All Transfer Workshops are open to all registered LRCCD students. Seats are limited so please RSVP to assure yourself a spot.

Step 1:  Click the following Calendar ICON. It will take you our calendar of events.

Step 2:  Select the event that you’d like to attend

Step 3:  Select “reserve an appointment”

Step 4:  Log into the appointment system by using your LRCCD Log-in name & password.

Step 5:  Select the workshop title that you would like to book & book the date and time you prefer.

How to see a University Representative

Before scheduling your session with University representative, the following 4 steps must be completed/agreed to:

  1. Registered Student

You must be a registered student with the Los Rios School District. If you aren’t,

you can register here

  1. General Counseling

You must already have seen a LRCCD general counselors and have developed an education plan. Please bring in a copy of all relevant transcripts and your education plan within the last semester.

  1. Representative Specialty

The University representative specializes in providing general advising to prospective transfers and addressing topics such as:

  • Admissions
  • Course selection to transfer
  • Impacted majors and requirements
  • General questions about majors, programs, campus life, resources and services.

The representative is not ideal to speak towards the following and you are encouraged to contact the University directly

  • Students that already have a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Admission for international status students
  • Graduate programs

4.  University of California TAP Account

Students seeking to speak to the University of California (UC) representative should have already started their Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP) account.

Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP)

University Representative Meetings PDF

How to see a Transfer Center Counselor

Before scheduling your session with a Transfer Center Counselor, the following 4 steps must be completed/agreed to:

  1. Registered Student:

You must be a registered student with the Los Rios School District. If you aren’t,

you can register here

  1. Education Plan:

You must already have an education plan established with your general counselor which includes selecting a major.

  1. Transfer Counseling:

All counselors do transfer counseling, however, the transfer center counselor meets with students with unique, complex or particular transfer issues that haven’t already been addressed in a general counseling appointment.

  1. To book an appointment with a Transfer Center Counselor, please select the “Schedule an Appointment” button and then select “Regina Leo” to find available time slots

Apply for ARC Sponsored University Field Trip

American River College is hosting FREE college tours to multiple 4-year Universities in Spring 2020. These college tours will include a campus tour, educational presentation/panel and free lunch.

This application is open to ARC/LRCCD registered students interested in learning more about 4 year University and Colleges. Spots are limited and will be prioritized to students based on multiple factors including application completion date & time. You will receive a follow up email 1 week after the application deadline with further instructions to retain your spot on the college tour. You must apply using your LRCCD Sponsored Gmail account and you are limited to one submission per application. You are unable to save your application midway through and you are unable to make changes after you submit.

Students that have applied and been accepted to an ARC sponsored College tour must submit the following “Liability Packet” to the Transfer Center to retain their seat on the college tour bus.

PDF Download Liability Forms Packet

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DeanNisha Beckhorn
Specialist/Co-Coordinator: Fong Tran
Counselor & Co-Coordinator: Regina Leo
Supervisor: TBA
Phone: (916) 484-8685


Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Inside the Counseling Center