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Assessment of program level student learning outcomes (SLOs) relies on American River College's three-year cycle of course-level SLO assessment. This strategy is supported by the Curriculum Committee's diligent review of each program's required courses, which includes a requirement that all program SLOs explicity map to (or are clearly supported by) one or more of the required courses for a degree or a certificate requiring six or more units. These SLO program mapping matrices are completed by departments and are reviewed by the members of the SLO Assessment and Curriculum committees.

Measuring Outcomes

Oversight of the faculty's continuous review of student achievement of course SLOs is accomplished using multiple measures. The broadest measure is the Authentic Assessment Review Record, in which faculty record student achievement of specific SLOs based on one or more authentic assessments that they regularly perform in their classes.

Disciplines have been grouped into three cohorts so that all disciplines are actively engaged in one part of the formal three year cycle of documentation of assessment, planning, and implementation at all times. Completion of the first cycle for all disciplines using the Authentic Assessment Review Record occurred in Fall 2017. The latest information regarding program specific student achievement of SLOs is provided via a link to each program (disciplines listed in alphabetical order):

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

are established for virtually every program offered at American River College.