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Health and Safety

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Safety is Everyone's Business

Students, staff, and faculty are partners with the college in creating an atmosphere that is safe and encourages learning.

Crime happens because there is a criminal to commit the crime, a victim who can be victimized by the criminal, and a location or opportunity for a crime to occur. You can reduce the likelihood of being the victim of criminal activity if you take away the opportunity for the criminal to make you their victim. Students, staff, and visitors need to take shared responsibility for the safety of themselves and their property. Everyone should do their best to help others with this responsibility.

Silent Witness Program

Bicycle safety and theft prevention tips

Vehicle Jump Starts and Safety Escorts

The campus offers vehicle jump start services as well as safety escorts. Safety escorts are provided in the evenings wherein our Community Service Officers work both on foot and in carts to provide safety escorts across the campus. This service is accessible by dialing (916) 558-2221.