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Learn about American River College's ongoing planning for a safe return to our campuses.

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Get help with your technology needs and succeed this summer.

Self-Care Summer

TimelyCare is offering free virtual guided meditation and yoga sessions to students all summer long!

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EOPS/CARE/NextUp provides support to students from educationally, economically, and academically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Business HomeBase

Business HomeBase

The Business HomeBase includes programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Accounting, Business, Business Technology, Economics, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, and Technical Communication.

Explore Business HomeBase

STEM HomeBase

STEM HomeBase

Programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Science, Engineering, Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Geology, Mathematics, Natural Resources, Physical Science, and Physics.

Explore STEM HomeBase

Arts HomeBase

Arts HomeBase

Programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Art, Art History, Art New Media, Fashion , Hospitality Management, Interior Design, Music, Music Recording/Business, Theatre Arts, and Theatre Arts Film.

Explore Arts HomeBase

Language and People HomeBase

Language and People HomeBase

Programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Anthropology, Art, Art History, ASL-English Interpreter Preparation, Deaf Culture and ASL, Early Childhood Education, Education/Teaching, English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Languages, History, Humanities, International Studies, Journalism, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Justice Studies, Social Science, Sociology, and Speech.

Explore Language and People HomeBase

Health and Service HomeBase

Health and Service HomeBase

Programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Administration of Justice, Dance, Fire Technology, Funeral Service Education, General Science, Gerontology, Healthcare Interpreting, Homeland Security, Human Services, Kinesiology and Athletics, Nursing and Allied Health, Nutrition, Paramedic and EMT, Public Safety, Recreation, Respiratory Care, and Speech-Language Pathology.

Explore Health and Service HomeBase

Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation HomeBase

Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation HomeBase

Programs that prepare students to work in fields such as Apprenticeship, Automotive Collision Technology, Automotive Technology, Design and Engineering Technology, Diesel/Clean Diesel Technology, Electronics, Horticulture, and Welding.

Explore Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation HomeBase

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Prepare for careers in various accounting professions and develop a foundation in accounting and business.

Administration of Justice

Learn the prevention, discovery, control, and treatment of crimes, and prepare for the administration of justice field.


Study humankind around the world and throughout time to understand our evolutionary origins and our diverse cultures.

Students and trainer looking over blue prints


Gain occupational training that combines paid employment, on-the-job training, and job-related college instruction.

Two young women sitting at a table with art supplies and drawing


Take art classes including ceramics, photography, figure and portrait drawing, blacksmithing, sculpture, printmaking, and more.

collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China

Art History

Our Art History degree is designed to give students the foundation in art history necessary for transfer to a four-year college or...

Students looking at a computer monitor

Art New Media

A digital art and design education honoring traditional art foundations. Learn the latest tools and techniques in multiple areas.

A group of four people sitting and talking

ASL-English Interpreting

Prepare for entry-level positions with integrated coursework in American Sign Language (ASL) and ASL-English interpretation.


Take Intro to Astronomy, Astronomy Lab, The Solar System, Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology, and more.

Automotive Collision Technology

The Automotive Tech Programs combine classroom and hands-on shop experience to prepare for careers in the transportation industry.

Automotive Technology

Receive combined classroom and hands-on shop experiences to prepare for automotive service careers and repair all types of cars.

Biology and Biotechnology

Understand the living world. Meet the challenges of the future, improve the quality of human life, and preserve biodiversity.


Find immediate employment and career advancement, including finances, entrepreneurship, managing, public administration, and more.

Business Technology

Prepare for first-time employment, re-entry, or career advancement in a variety of administrative and office settings.


Enjoy interactive classes that cover all aspects of chemistry and access Beacon, nationally award-winning peer-assisted tutoring.

People in a class room

Community Services Education

Enjoy lifelong learning with fee-based classes, designed for educational goals that do not require college credit.

Computer Information Science

Take courses from multiple categories including computer applications, networking, programming, computer security, and web.

A woman dancing


ARC's Dance program offers a diverse line-up of courses, including ballet, modern dance, ballroom dance, hip hop, and more.


Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies

Take classes with a deaf-centered framework that embrace an empowered collaboration with people with deafness.

Design & Engineering Technology

Using real-world applications, get the knowledge and skills for architectural, civil, and mechanical engineering careers.

Diesel/Clean Diesel Technology

Diesel/Clean Diesel Technology combines classroom and hands-on shop experiences for careers in the transportation industry.

A woman sitting with small children

Early Childhood Education

The earliest years of life are critical to building a foundation for lifelong learning. Young children need settings in which they can...


Study how individuals and societies use limited resources to produce and distribute goods and services for consumption.


Want to be a teacher? 
Get your two-year AA/AA-T degree. Includes two field experience courses working with credentialed teachers.

Electrician Trainee Program

The electrician trainee program provides instruction in the installation, operation, and maintenance of residential and commercial...

Electronics Technology

Electronic and telecommunications training with specialties including robotics, fiber optics, and programmable controllers.

Emergency Medical Technology

Classroom, clinical, and field internship training prepares paramedics to assess and treat a wide variety of medical emergencies.

students and instructor around solar panel


Training in solar photovoltaic (PV) system design, including cost estimation, sales, installation, and management skills.


Get the foundation in math, physics, and engineering to transfer to a four-year institution and complete a BA in engineering.

Person sitting with a book in their lap


Study written and spoken English including composition and technical writing, literature, reading, creative writing, and education.

woman instructing vocalization

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) helps non-native speakers learn English to pursue their career and educational goals.

Image of two women discussing fabrics


Fashion-related industries are the nation's largest employer. Get current, marketable, and competitive skills for this job market.

Fire Technology

Take intensive training courses for a certificate or an associate degree. Instructors are experienced members of the fire service.

Foreign Languages

Take courses in foreign languages and develop a command of many languages necessary to pursue career, transfer, and degree goals.

Funeral Service Education

Gain employment as funeral directors and embalmers. Courses include biology, funeral service management, and embalming.

General Education - Transfer

American River College offers certificates of achievement to satisfy the general education requirements for the California State University...

A chalkboard with molecules drawn on it and chemistry beakers

General Science

A broad study in biological and physical sciences for transfer and continuing studies in upper division science courses.

Geography and GIS

GIS is a fast growing career field and is a computer-based tool used to map, manage, analyze, and model spatial information.


Study of the origin and evolution of the Earth using the principles of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology.


Get a career providing services for the elderly and prepare to transfer for a BA in gerontology at a four-year institution.

Health Education

Obtain the essential information for the evaluation and maintenance of individual health.

Healthcare Interpreting

Bilingual students can prepare for effective language interpretation and cultural brokering in the healthcare setting.


Study history and gain cultural literacy, critical thinking, and well-informed perspectives on today's world.

Homeland Security

Examine terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, intelligence analysis, natural disasters, negotiations, and conflict resolution.


Join our Honors community, dedicated to intellectual and personal enrichment in a diverse and challenging academic environment.


Horticulture improves plant culture methods, environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and quality of life.

A chef pouring olive oil over a plate of food

Hospitality Management

From business theory to hands-on cooking, our classes focus on job skills and professional fine dining. And, work in our 4-star restaurant.

Human Career Development

Classes include study skills, career exploration, transferring, life skills, peer mentoring, and learning strategies.

Human Services

Become a paraprofessional aide with agencies such as correctional institutions, welfare, mental health, schools, and childcare centers.


Study painting, sculpture, literature, music, theater, and philosophy to discover important ideas about our human condition.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Study literature and verbal and written communication skills. Gain a background in communication skills used in the workplace

Image of textiles, and art supplies

Interior Design

Get a foundation in the expanding interior design field. Programs include interior planning and green building.

International Studies

Understand international issues including the impact of globalization, trade, economics, war, foreign relations, and diplomacy.


Receive a strong introduction to both general studies and a journalism or mass communication major.

Kinesiology and Athletics

Take a wide variety of courses that improve physical fitness, sports skills, and dance performance abilities.

Learning Resource Center

The LRC is an instructional facility that provides classrooms, a quiet learning environment, and instructional support services.

Legal Studies

We are approved by the American Bar Association and have been preparing students for entry-level jobs in law for over 30 years.


Learn research skills and how to find and evaluate information from a wide variety of sources.


From communication to HR, our strong management focus provides the knowledge and skills you need to achieve a management position.


Acquire knowledge and training for careers in sales, advertising, and marketing and receive training for management positions.

Mathematics & Statistics

Take math classes for your graduation requirements, or earn an AS in math to transfer to a four-year program in math or statistics.

A woman singing into a microphone in a studio


Receive a rich foundation to develop as a professional musician through music theory, history, performance, and production.

Natural Resources

Understand ecological systems and their interrelationships. Receive unique opportunities for hands-on, real-world field experience.

Nursing and Allied Health

Take general education and nursing courses with related lab experience in local health agencies. Work to become a registered nurse.

Image of tomato and nutrition label

Nutrition and Foods

Apply nutrition principles to improve health and quality of life. Prepare for transfer programs such as dietetics and health sciences.

placeholder Image


Classroom, clinical, and field internship training prepares paramedics to assess and treat a wide variety of medical emergencies.


Philosophy is the critical, rational examination of fundamental questions that people have pondered for more than 2500 years.


If you wish to pursue a career in physics or a related field, ARC's Physics program offers you a strong foundation.

Political Science

Take courses including U.S. government, foreign government, Constitutional rights, international relations, and law and society.


Courses include psychology of death and dying, abnormal behavior, human development, human sexuality, and psychology of aging.

Real Estate

Learn practical applications in real estate, including legal aspects, practice, finance, economics, and appraisal.


ARC's recreation program offers an associate degree that provides training for an entry-level career in the field of recreation and leisure...

Respiratory Care

Become a CA licensed registered respiratory therapist and learn diagnostic procedures, treatment, and patient management.

Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center

Receive high-quality, entry-level and advanced in-service training and educational programs for public safety personnel.

Social Justice Studies

The Associate in Arts in Social Justice Studies: Race and Ethnicity for Transfer degree provides students with a major that fulfills the...

Social Science

Study scientific disciplines to see how events are shaped by socio-economic, political, ecological, and geographical forces.


Study human behavior in society by focusing on systems and how individuals live, work, and interact with them.

woman speaking in front of council

Speech Communication

Speech communication is essential for personal and professional growth. Learn theory and practice public speaking and critical thinking.

Speech-Language Pathology

Learn to assist speech-language pathologists in treating communication disorders including articulation, voice, fluency, and hearing.

Student Government

Participate in faculty and administrative committees. Learn leadership skills and gain practical experience in student government.

Man sitting with one hand on his laptop keyboard and the other holding a pen

Technical Communication

Technical Communication an interdisciplinary course of study designed to prepare students for employment as professional writers and...

Actors on stage during a live theatre performance

Theatre Arts

Take classes in all areas of theater and an expanding Film Studies Program. Enjoy a busy production schedule and our new facility.


Theatre Arts Film

ARC's Theatre Arts Film offerings include a variety of classes as well as degree and certificate programs.


Theatre Arts Performance

ARC's Theatre Arts Performance classes give you real-world experience acting on stage or working behind the scenes.

Welding Technology

Gain skills and knowledge in manual and semi-automatic welding processes used in the metal fabrication and construction industries.

image of presenter instructing class

Work Experience

Our experiential academic program is where students apply what they have learned in the classroom to a work environment.


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 Indigenous Land Use Statement

We acknowledge the land which we occupy at American River College as the traditional home of the Nisenan, Maidu, and Miwok tribal nations. These sovereign people have been the caretakers of this land since time immemorial. Despite centuries of genocide and occupation the Nisenan, Maidu, and Miwok continue as vibrant and resilient tribes and bands, both Federally recognized and unrecognized. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the generations that have gone before as well as the present-day Nisenan, Maidu, and Miwok people.