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American River College offers courses in English as a Second Language (ESL) designed exclusively to provide non-native speakers of English with a command of the language necessary to pursue career, transfer and degree goals. Students whose native language is English but who need help with language fundamentals should seek courses offered in the English Department.

We offer over 75 sections at eight different levels, from novice to advanced. There are five different types of courses: ESL (which includes lab courses and integrated courses), ESLG, ESLW, ESLR, and ESLL. Some of our courses are taught as hybrid classes (half in the classroom and half online) or completely online.

Our students come from all over the world. Our largest language groups are Russian and Arabic, followed by Farsi, Ukrainian and Spanish. However, at any given time we have students from more than thirty different countries, speaking more than thirty different languages.

Our faculty is also diverse. Many of us have lived and taught in other countries and speak more than one language. We are united in our love of teaching ESL. American River College is a great place to be. Come and visit us.

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students can work at their own pace on the areas of English that they need most. Many of our students are improving their English skills in order to earn a certificate, complete an Associate's degree, or to transfer to a university, while other students are here to improve their English skills for their jobs.

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