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Honors Certificate Eligibility

ARC students are eligible for the Honors Transfer Certificate by completing 15 units of approved Honors coursework. Students who successfully complete five Honors courses receive a transcript notation showing that they have earned the certificate.

In addition to the transcript notation, completion of the certificate with a 3.5 or better GPA makes a student eligible for enhanced prospects for transfer to competitive schools through the ARC Honors Program's partnerships with UCLA, UC Irvine, and other public and private four-year institutions. These enhanced transfer partnerships are ONLY available to students who complete the certificate requirements with the minimum GPA, and are in addition to transfer admission guarantees (TAG) or transfer admission agreements (TAA) offered through ARC.

ARC Honors Program

program is here to assist you to help ensure successful completion of your educational and career goals. For more Honors eligibility requirements Information, Honors Certificate eligibility, and other information please explore our program.

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