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Fire Technology

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The Fire Technology program is dedicated to providing high quality training and educational programs for entry level and advanced level in-service instructional courses for those in paid and volunteer fire agencies. Our courses are categorized under the designations FT, FIRE, and FFS.

The FT courses are primarily degree/certificate applicable and include transferrable coursework to four-year colleges. These courses meet most fire agencies’ minimum qualifications for employment in our region and throughout California.

The FIRE and FFS courses are typically offered off-campus through an affiliate agency and have special enrollment limitations, prerequisites, require a different registration process, and may not be routinely offered. These courses include California State Fire Training certificate courses managed by the California State Fire Marshal.

This program was established under the direction of the California Fire Technology Directors Association and the Sacramento Regional Fire Technology Advisory Board. The program offers both an intensive training course culminating in a Certificate of Achievement and an additional general education program leading to the Associate in Arts degree. Instructors in this program are experienced members of the fire service.


Road maps lay out all of the courses you need to take for a given degree or certificate.

A.A./A.S. Degrees