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An atom

If you wish to pursue a career in physics or a related field, ARC's Physics program offers you a strong foundation. Through this program, you have a number of course options to fulfill a GE requirement and/or needed physics coursework required for your major. You will be required to take some course work in physics if you major in, for example, biology, chemistry, many pre-health fields, engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

Career Options

The Careers Toolbox for Undergraduate Physics Students is a great place to start exploring career options for physics majors. For more detailed information, you can find a variety of up-to-date employment data and reports for physicists, astronomers, and related scientists here. Many other career and internship-related resources are available to you at the AAPT Career Center.


Road maps lay out all of the courses you need to take for a given degree or certificate.

AA-T/AS-T Transfer Degrees