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Image of two students discussing fabrics

Fashion and fashion-related industries are the nation's largest employer. The fashion program at American River College provides students with the skills necessary to enter the job market with current, marketable, competitive skills. ARC follows industry needs by offering two program options: Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Fashion Design involves work with the design and production of clothing, whether with a large manufacturer, a small specialty firm or in a one-person business. A degree or certificate in Fashion Design develops the skills necessary to coordinate original design concepts with manufacturing, marketing, and merchandising practices. This program prepares students for entry-level jobs in apparel production companies, apparel manufacturing plants, designer workrooms, and custom sewing workrooms. This program also prepares students for self-employment or entrepreneurship.

Fashion Merchandising refers to the large task of in-store promotion and display of various types of fashion merchandise. A degree or certificate in Fashion Merchandising develops the skills necessary for jobs in fashion coordinating, promotion, visual presentation, management, merchandising, retail buying, and entrepreneurial opportunities.