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The following are the programs currently available in Degree Planner. These programs are the most frequently awarded AA-T and AS-T programs at American River College.

The goal is for all programs to be included in Degree Planner by summer 2021.

ARC Degrees in Degree Planner

Degree Academic Plan Description
(as it appears in PeopleSoft)
Major Number
Administration of Justice Admin Justice-Transfer (CSU GE) 010890A01
Anthropology (temporarily unavailable; being updated)
Anthropology-Transfer (CSU GE) 011523A01
Art History Art History - Transfer (CSU GE) 011021A01
Business Administration Bus Admin-Transfer (CSU GE) 010205A01
Business Administration – IGETC Bus Admin-Transfer (IGETC CSU) 010205A02
Communication Studies Comm Studies-Transfer (CSU GE) 010548A01
Early Childhood Education ECE - Transfer (CSU GE) 011443A01
Mathematics Mathematics-Transfer (CSU GE) 011514A01
Physics – IGETC Physics - Transfer (IGETC CSU) 011972A02
Psychology Psychology - Transfer (CSU GE) 011549A01
Sociology Sociology-Transfer (CSU GE) 010761A01