Course Numbering System

American River College has a standardized course numbering system described below. The numbers are designed to provide students with general information regarding the focus and intent of courses.

Course Number 1-99

Credit courses that are considered developmental or basic skills and are not acceptable for the associate degree or transfer credit.

Course Number 100-299

Applicable to an associate degree, but not transferable to a four-year institution.

Course Number 300-499

Articulated for transfer with four-year institutions and are intended to meet major, general education, or elective credit requirements.

Transfer Credit

Courses accepted for transfer by the University of California (UC) and/or California State University (CSU) systems are listed with the course description and are identified under “Course transferable to...” Students who have questions regarding transferability of credit for specific courses to specific institutions should consult with a counselor.

Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)

The C-ID system is a statewide numbering system designed to identify comparable courses and facilitate articulation. Any community college course that bears a C-ID number signifies that it is equivalent in content, rigor, and student learning outcomes. Courses with C-ID numbers can be assured that it will be accepted at other participating community college or CSU campuses. For example: C-ID COMM 110 at American River College will be accepted by any other college that has been approved for the same C-ID COMM 110 number.

Students should consult a counselor for specific information and assistance with evaluating course transferability. In addition, students should always go to: to confirm how each college’s course will be accepted for a) majors at CSU and UC campuses, b) CSU general education requirements, and c) IGETC general education requirements. Please check with counselors on how your courses meet requirements at private and out-of-state colleges and universities. An up-to-date listing of American River College C-ID approved courses can be accessed at:

Course Families

Courses families group together similar courses. Students are limited to taking a maximum of four courses in any one course family across all four Los Rios colleges. This restriction applies regardless of what grade a student received or the number of courses in a course family.