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Social Justice Studies

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Hands holding the scales of justice

Starting Fall 2019 American River College is offering two Social Justice Studies degrees. Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary AA-T degree program that combines core courses in social justice with related coursework in a variety of disciplines, including History, English, Sociology, and Psychology.

Students in the program will:

  • Research theoretical perspectives and critical theories on social justice
  • Analyze power, privilege, and oppression
  • Study historical origins of social justice
  • Assess artistic works that examine oppression, power, and justice

Some of the core courses include:

  • SJS 300 Introduction to Social Justice Studies
  • SJS 310 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
  • SOC 320 Minorities in America
  • SOC 342 Gender Relations in America

See a counselor for more details and a complete listing of all course options!