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English at ARC is made up of five distinct and overlapping programs. We provide access to in-person, online, and hybrid instruction in creative writing, literature, education, reading, and writing courses. These courses will provide you with unique and meaningful ways to develop the skills that will help you meet your education and personal goals.

We serve students at ARC’s main campus, the Natomas Educational Center, the McClellan Center, and via distance education through our expanding and high-quality online courses.

The ENGWR program, the largest in the unit, makes up two of the so-called “golden four” courses for transfer and graduation: composition and critical thinking. Our transfer-level composition courses will help you meet graduation, certificate, AA/AS, and transfer requirements; the writing, reading, and critical thinking skills developed and refined in those courses will also enable you to achieve your academic and career goals.

Our second largest program, literature, offers courses that will help develop and refine many of those same skills as our writing courses but with an additional focus on historical, cultural, and psychological analysis from a literary perspective. Students use these courses to meet General Education transfer and graduation requirements in Humanities as well as for personal enrichment and the development of cross-cultural and interpersonal empathy.

The courses that make up our creative writing program offer the opportunity to hone your writing for publication and for self-expression, often including members of the community or direct outreach to the community in the form of readings and publishing. As with the composition and literature courses, these courses help fulfill graduation and transfer requirements.

Our support programs, Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Reading Across Disciplines (RAD), play an important role in providing additional one-on-one and small-group instruction in reading and writing along with study skills. WAC and RAD also serve the broader college campus by providing support in all disciplines from career tech to general education.

Finally, if your goal is to become a K-12 educator, our ENGED classes develop the focused tools used to teach reading and writing, including field experience opportunities.

Over the last several years, all the programs in the English unit, from writing to education, have done extensive work to become race-conscious and develop culturally responsive and culturally relevant practices and pedagogies. We have participated in and developed equity research and training focused on assessments, course material, and positive faculty, staff, and student dynamics. Since equity is a process not a product, we continue to create and revise courses and programs where students can see themselves, understand the lives of others, and develop the skills to reach their personal, academic, and career goals.


Road maps lay out all of the courses you need to take for a given degree or certificate.

AA-T/AS-T Transfer Degrees