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Design & Engineering Technology



Note to Transfer Students

This program is intended to provide skills and experiences that will help students transition directly into the workforce after obtaining a certificate or a degree.  Students who may later wish to transfer to a four-year college often find that the portfolio developed in this program, and experiences gained in the workplace, can be used to aid in the transfer process.  However, the courses specific to this degree are generally not designed to meet a specific college transfer pathway. Should a student wish to pursue a plan to transfer, it is critical that they meet with an ARC counselor to select and plan the additional courses required for transfer to the specific four-year college or university in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Colleges vary widely in terms of the required coursework. The courses that ARC requires for an associate’s degree in this major are often different from the requirements needed for a bachelor’s degree at a specific college. It is recommended that students keep a portfolio of all design/engineering technology coursework completed at ARC to present for evaluation by four-year college program advisors.

Foundational Courses

No experience is required (no prerequisite courses)
In general, these classes are taken first as each provides require​d skills and knowledge for various later courses
DESGN 301 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)
DESGN 300 Introduction to Design Resources
DESGN 320 Three Dimensional Graphics and Design

Technical Courses

These courses provide specific skill and proficiency training, which are required for successful entry into the workplace.
All courses include work with 3D models, BIM, and 2D documentation.
Technical Documentation - DESGN 302
Graphical Analysis & Documentation- DESGN 310
Architectural Modeling - DESGN 325
Engineering Modeling - DESGN 328

Advanced Project Courses

These courses require full application and integration of all aspects of the previous courses. Work includes research, analysis, design, technical documentation and the use of collaborative technology
Machine / System Design - DESGN 330
Residential Architectural Design - DESGN 340
Surveying and Land Planning - DESGN 350
Commercial Engineering and Design - DESGN 360