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Letters of Accommodations Request

This form is used to request a student's Letters of Accommodations for their classes at American River College. Letters of Accommodations refers to the accommodations the student has been approved for by a DSPS Counselor through the interactive process.

Student Responsibility

  1. Accommodations must be approved by a DSPS Counselor at American River College.
  2. Letters of Accommodations will be provided to students who are currently enrolled for the classes requested below at American River College. Waitlisted classes will not receive a Letters of Accommodations. However, a Letters of Accommodations will be provided to a student who is approved for an In-class Aide, Sign Language Interpreter, or Real-Time Captioner even if they are on the waitlist.
  3. Classes enrolled in after the submission of this form will require a new request form to be submitted for the newly enrolled classes.
  4. It is recommended that students see their DSPS Counselor at least once each semester. Any change in accommodations will require counselor approval.

Online Letters Of Accommodations Request