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Learning Disabilities

About the Learning Disabilities Program

Empowering students through assessment and accommodation for academic and career success.

The Disability Services & Programs for Students (DSPS) staff is here to assist you in reaching your educational and vocational goals. The program provides learning disability assessment, individual or small group study strategies, and counseling to support your academic or vocational plan. We respect your privacy and maintain the confidentiality of all information pertaining to your disability.

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The California Community Colleges defines a student with a learning disability as having:

  • Average to above-average intellectual ability; and
  • Statistically significant processing deficit(s); and/or
  • Statistically significant aptitude-achievement discrepancies


Common characteristics may include:

  • Long-term difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, and/or mathematical concepts in contrast to average to superior skills in other areas
  • Reading comprehension, tracking problems, and slowed reading speed. Takes two to three times longer to read and study than other people
  • Severe difficulty spelling common words
  • Difficulty with mathematical concepts including calculation, time, and space
  • Verbal skills far exceed reading, spelling, and/or writing skills
  • Difficulty taking notes and listening to a lecture at the same time
  • Problems with memory and retention of information
  • Confusion of visually similar letters, numerals, and words
  • Illegible handwriting

Learning Disability Assessment Process

The goal of the assessment is to determine if the scores meet the criteria of the Learning Disability definition as well as to provide information about learning strategies and if appropriate, accommodations needed for college success. There is no cost to the student. 

Note: You must be enrolled in one or more courses at ARC

The assessment process requires an average of eight weeks to complete with a minimum of four appointments:

  • A one to two-hour appointment to review your LD application and intake packet which is to be completed prior to your appointment 
  • Two assessment appointments
  • A one to two-hour Results Review appointment

If you are interested in Learning Disability Testing:

Academic Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities may include:

  • Priority registration
  • Extended time and distraction reduced area for tests
  • Self-advocacy training and disability management
  • Adaptive technology/Alternative media
  • Note-taker
  • Digital audio recorder/smart pen

Study Strategy Workshops and Sessions

• Student Success Workshops
• Individual Strategy Appointments

Language processing impacts learning skills in:

• Reading
• Written Language
• Mathematics

Recommended Study Strategy Course

Human Career Development (HCD) 382: Learning Strategies for College and Life This course presents academic strategies to compensate for learning disabilities in order to provide for success in other college course work.

Location: North side of the Welcome & Support Center