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DSPS Test Proctoring

DSPS Test Proctoring is a service provided to the campus by Disability Services that promotes increased access to secured and monitored testing rooms for students in the DSPS Program at ARC. DSPS collaborates with ARC Instructors to obtain approval for students to test in DSPS. DSPS strives to accommodate all students with disabilities, but limited testing room capacity, and staffing may facilitate the need for Instructors to proctor their own exams. Students with disabilities are protected by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504. This law requires that qualified students with disabilities get equal access to education, and this includes exam accommodations.

How does test proctoring work?

  1. We recommend that students see their DSPS Counselor each semester or at least once each year to stay on track. Any change in accommodations will require counselor approval.
  2. Request Letters of Accommodations (LOA) forms.
  3. After submitting an LOA request, students will receive their Letter(s) of Accommodations Form(s) in their student Los Rios Gmail in PDF format. Students will need to provide their LOA to each instructor, either by email or print, and provide it in person prior to your exam or quiz date (at least 2 weeks before the test/quiz is best). The LOA letter identifies that the student is receiving services through ARC DSPS, but it does not specify the disability, and it provides the instructor with a list of approved accommodations.
  4. The instructor must acknowledge and authorize the information. Instructors are under no obligation to use DSPS Testing Services and are welcome to proctor their students. However, once authorized, the student is legally entitled to receive the accommodations by the instructor or through the DSPS department if the Instructor has approved and provided the parameters for each exam/quiz.
  5. Prior to testing, you will need to read, acknowledge, and sign the DSPS Testing Services Student Responsibilities Form, which you can print, sign, and bring to your first testing appointment of the semester, or it can be provided to you in person when you arrive.
  6. We ask that students schedule their tests/quizzes at least one week in advance to allow DSPS staff time to obtain Instructor authorization and test materials.