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DSPS Alternate Media Request

Alternate media, or alternate format, are general terms used to identify documents and educational materials provided to students with print-based disabilities in lieu of the original format. For example, a student who is blind may request the hard-copy textbook as braille, electronic text (e-text), or an audio file. Similarly, students with different learning disabilities may request printed books or handouts to be converted into e-text in order to read and interact with the information using various assistive technologies.

Student Responsibility:

  1. The student is responsible for submitting the Alternate Media Request Form as soon as the textbooks are available for the class to assure timely delivery of service. (Especially important for braille requests)
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to provide proof of purchase to, in order to start processing the request.
    • Can be a scan/photo/screenshot of the book receipt. (Bookstore, Amazon, etc...)
  3. Alternate Media will be provided to students who are currently enrolled in classes for which the Alternate Media textbooks are requested, at American River College.
  4. Alternate Media requests made for classes enrolled in after the submission of this form will require a new request form to be submitted for the newly enrolled classes.
  5. It is recommended that students see their DSPS Counselor at least once each semester. Any change in accommodations will require counselor approval.

If you are approved for an Alternate Media accommodation, then you may submit an Online Alternate Media Request Form, to receive your textbooks in an alternate media format. Examples of alternate media formats are PDF, Docx, audio, braille, etc…

To find out more information about this service, contact the Assistive Technology Center staff.
Phone: (916) 484-8351

Online Alternate Media Request Form