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DSPS Online Device Request

This form is used to request a device to use during the semester. Students must have a assistive device accommodation approved by their ARC DSPS Counselor to be eligible to check-out a device to use during the semester.

Examples of devices available for checkout:

  • Smart Pen
  • Digital Recorder
  • FM Listening Device
  • And more

Student Responsibility

  1. Accommodations for the device requested must be approved by a DSPS Counselor at American River College.
  2. By checking out a device the borrower agrees to the following terms:
    1. Borrower is responsible for cost to repair damages to the equipment
    2. Borrower agrees to reimburse the college for the lost or stolen equipment
    3. The equipment will be used only for educational purposes
    4. The equipment will be returned on or prior to the due date
  3. Failure to abide by the terms listed above will result in a hold in the amount to replace the equipment on your record.

Online DEVICE Request FORM