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Mutual Responsibility Agreements

Upon applying and being accepted to participate in ARC’s EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Program, students are asked to partner with the program by agreeing with the following Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) agreements. The agreements are a partnership with student participants in support of achieving their academic, enrollment, retention, transfer, and career goals and to maintain program eligibility for the duration of 70-degree applicable units (unless participants are in college-designated high unit majors).

Student participants not maintaining eligibility through the MRC agreements risk losing program eligibility. Student participants who lose program eligibility while in the program will not be able to continue in the program during the following term.  Students may reapply for a future term after sitting out for at least one term. Prior participation in the EOP&S Program does not guarantee reacceptance upon reapplication

MRC Agreements

  • Upon acceptance into the ARC EOP&S Program, I will complete an EOP&S orientation at ARC to be a first-time participant or if I have been absent from the program for a semester or more.
  • To be eligible to receive EOP&S Program services at ARC, as a new EOP&S participant, I will enroll in 12 units or more, and as a continuing EOPS student, I will enroll in 9 units or more by the third week of classes during each semester (unless there is a DSPS memo approved and submitted or I am NextUp eligible).
  • If I plan to enroll in any course at another Los Rios campus(es), I will remain enrolled in at least one course at ARC to maintain program eligibility.
  • To continue participation, I will follow my Student Education Plan (SEP) created by my EOP&S counselor when enrolling in classes and I will consult with an EOP&S counselor if I want to make changes to my class schedule. 
  • I will consult with an EOP&S Counselor before I drop courses/units that would result in less than 12 units because it may affect my EOP&S eligibility. I understand that I must successfully completeminimum of 9 units per semester (unless I have an approved DSPS memo or I am NextUp eligible).
  • I will meet with an EOP&S counselor if I encounter academic, financial, and/or personal difficulties during any semester while participating in EOP&S.
  • I will complete three (3) contacts with an EOP&S counselor per semester either in person, via Zoom, or by phone. These contacts will be completed during the dates of the semester calendar which is the EOP&S Important Dates document in the My EOPS at ARC Canvas shell.
  • I will maintain academic progress (GPA above 2.0) towards an educational goal such as a Certificate, Associate Degree, or Transfer. I understand that if my GPA is below 2.0, I will be assigned to the Academic Improvement Monitoring (AIM) Program and my priority registration may be affected.
  • To receive monetary support services at ARC from EOP&S/CARE/NextUp, I will complete the FAFSA and/or CADAA application each year, have a CCPG Fee Waiver on file each term, make American River College my home college, and be enrolled in 12 units by the first weekof classes each term as a first-time participant (continuing participants must be enrolled in 9 units or more unless DSPS memo is on file or a NextUp participant).
  • I understand that EOP&S/CARE/NextUp reports ALL monetary support services to Financial Aid to ensure that participants are not over-awarded. I understand that once my unmet need is reached, EOP&S/CARE/NextUp will no longer be able to provide me with any additional monetary support services.
  • I agree to use the EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Textbook Grant to purchase textbooks/academic supplies for the purpose of my education and accomplishing my academic goals each semester.
  • I will notify the ARC EOP&S Program of any address/name/phone changes.
  • I will contact the ARC EOP&S Program Office to reschedule any contact appointments if needed. I understand that contact appointment reminder alerts, phone calls, or emails are a courtesy from the program and it is my responsibility to complete all program requirements as stated above.