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Did you know that ARC CalWORKs has a work-study program?! It's true! There are tons of benefits to work-study, especially as a CalWORKs student!


You can hone a bunch of important skills like:

  • Language skills
  • Standard office procedures
  • Customer services


The income you receive from work-study doesn't impact your county cash aid, but it DOES count towards your required hours! It's a win-win!

That doesn't even include all of the job-specific skills you will learn! We try to connect you with a position that complements your educational and career goals!


We (currently) subsidize (up to) 75% of your wage! That's a big incentive for some employers - especially when budgets are limited. So, if you're already exploring the job market, then work-study could be a real benefit. Yes, we support work-study positions at businesses off campus!

If you're interested in learning more about CalWORKs work-study, then let us know and someone from our office will contact you with more information and options!

I'm Interested in CalWORKs Work-Study

Expressing an interest in work-study is not an obligation to participate.
You can learn about the program without any further commitment.
It's also not a guarantee of employment, but it's good first step on your road to employment!

We hope to hear from you!

~The CalWORKs Work-Study Team