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Why do I need to complete a TANF/Verification each semester?

  • Eligibility must be determined and documented before CalWORKs/TANF funds can be spent on students beyond basic case management (i.e., textbook and enrolment verifications, work-study, educational supplies, academic advising, employment support, transportation resources, etc.)
  • We coordinate with Sacramento DHA and other counties to determine and document your eligibility using the TANF/Verification form; it must be stamped and signed to be valid.
  • Without a current TANF/Verification we cannot provide you the services we believe will best help you succeed at ARC during the 2022-2023 academic year.

What is the purpose of the Orientation?

  • Orientation provides you with an opportunity to understand the elements of the CalWORKs program and college matriculation process, make necessary connections, update contact information, review the semester calendar, access advocacy literature, and potentially receive transportation resources.
  • After two consecutive semesters of non-participation in our services, you will need to update your Intake & Orientation

When should I book my CalWORKs Counseling Contact?

  • CalWORKs Counseling is the ideal time to create/update your education plan, make sure you are following a county approved major/vocational area, chart progress you have been making towards your educational goal, ask questions regarding certificates, AA/AS & BA/BS completion and transfer and receive information regarding on and off-campus resource referrals.
  • CalWORKs Counseling Contacts will occur between January 4th and May 19th to prepare students to register for Spring 2022. Fall 2022 registration begins in November.
  • All students must meet with a CalWORKs counselor to meet the requirements of the program for 2021 -2022. It simply means that to receive program credit, you must see our designated counselor at least once each semester during the designated period.
  • Please call (916) 484-8059 to book your counseling contact.

What about Enrollment Verifications that my county worker requires, or other college/county documents or gas cards?

  • If your county worker requires you to turn in an enrollment/progress verification sheet each month (MAP - Monthly Attendance Progress Request). Monthly attendance reports will be sent directly to Sac County only.
  • All CalWORKs or educational paperwork you are unfamiliar with should be brought to our office for review, advocacy, and support.
  • If you are eligible to receive transportation assistance/gas cards, we will contact you with information regarding pick-up dates and procedures. Frequently check your Los Rios email.

What activities might lead to transportation assistance (gas card) for Spring 2022?

  • Turning in your TANF/Verification prior to January 4th (or at Intake for new students); completing CalWORKs counseling contact, etc. per availability/funding. Other opportunities for transportation assistance will be emailed to students. Frequently check your Los Rios email.
    Gas cards are a limited resource and should be reported to all necessary parties per their guidance.
    All direct support services are reported to Financial Aid.

All ARC CalWORKs supplies, and transportation resources are available until supplies are exhausted, per director’s discretion.

Please make sure to double check all non-CalWORKs dates with the specific mentioned, the 2021- 2022 ARC Catalog and/or the 2021 course schedule, as applicable.