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In order to maintain a pleasant learning environment inside the LRC, please observe the following policies while recieving services.

Need help with your online course in Canvas or any other class assignment using computer programs that you don't understand??  The LRC Computer Lab staff are available to help you with technical support related to using Canvas, formatting papers, email attachments, navigating Google Drive, Power Point creation, and other questions.  Drop by the LRC during our regular business hours and get help.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about the LRC, including the Computer Lab?

The LRC is considered an instructional classroom and a quiet learning environment.  Because studying, tutoring and other modes of instruction are taking place inside the LRC, and in order to maintain a pleasant learning environment, please observe the following LRC policies while receiving services  Printable Copy of LRC Policies

How can I use the computers in the LRC's Computer Lab?

You must be a currently enrolled ARC student to log onto a computer.  You will need to register to use the computer lab once per term using your Student Access Card at the LRC main counter (first counter on left hand side upon entering the building).  The Student Access Card is the official ARC and Los Rios student identification card  and the only form of identification accepted to register to use the computers in the LRC.  No other form of identification will be accepted.

Is the Computer Lab a quiet study zone? Why are there people talking and working together?

Yes, the computer lab is a quiet study zone but it is not a "No Talking" zone.  The Tutorial Center services are next to the open computer lab and often there will be tutoring and student discussions taking place at a computer or surrounding areas.  Please keep noise levels low when working with a tutor or other students.

Which counter do I check-in?

As you enter the LRC building, you will see two reception counters on the left handside.    The first counter to your immediate left is the LRC main counter and where you will register to use the open computer lab and where you can check-out course related DVDs, videos or headphones. The second counter is where you check-in for tutoring with the Tutorial Center or Beacon Program.  Please be sure to read the signs at the counters or ask the staff at the counters to make sure you are checking into the correct area for either tutoring or computer use.

Why do I need to have an Access Card to use the computers and for tutoring?

The Student Access cards are the official college student identification cards at ARC and Los Rios.  The card identifies that you are a currently enrolled ARC student and it is also necessary to print, make copies, and check-out DVDs and headphones in the LRC.   If you do not have a  Student Access Card, you may get your FREE card at the  Center for Leadership & Development in the Student Center.

Why do I have to register each semester to use the LRC Computer Lab?

The purpose of the services in the LRC are to provide academic support to currently enrolled ARC students.  Funding and continuance of the services are determined by the documentation of the ARC students served each term.

How can I check-out a DVD or video that my instructor assigned for me to watch?

Items may be checked-out from the staff at the LRC main counter (first counter on left handside upon entering the building).  Let the staff know the name of the DVD/video or your course instructor's name.  They will ask you for your Student Access Card to check out the item to you.  You may watch the DVD or video on one of the LRC computers only.   Over night check-outs are not allowed.

Can I scan documents at the LRC? Does the LRC have a fax machine I can use?

Yes, we have several scanners available to currently enrolled ARC students who have registered to the computer lab in the LRC with their Student Access Card only.  Scanning is free.

No, we do not have a fax machine for student use however, the Beaver Bookstore does.

Can I print out my work at the LRC?

Yes, you can print using your  Student Access Card  (money can be loaded into your card using cash bills or change only).  The cost is 10 cents per page for Black/White printing and 30 cents per page for color printing.

Can I check-out headphones too?

You may check-out headphones at the LRC Main counter.  Please note that we have a limited supply of headphones and may run out from time to time.  We encourage you to consider bringing your own headphones or earbuds.  We will check-out the headphones to you by scanning your Student Access card only.  Headphones are for use in the LRC computer lab only and may not be checked out overnight.

What can I use the computers for?

You may use the computing, networking, and information resources in the LRC for academic and instructional purposes only and you must obey the  Los Rios Computer Use Policies as well as the U.S. copyright laws and license agreements. 

NOTE: *Computers will start to shut down 15 minutes before closing time, it is important that you save your work.*


Dean: Gary Hartley (Interim)
Phone: 916-484-8693

Open Lab Hours

Spring - Fall
Monday - Thursday
7:30 am - 8:30 pm
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Note: Closed Weekends.


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