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The ESL (English as a Second Language) Center is a place where you can go to improve your English skills by studying by yourself or in small groups.

The ESL Center will be offered 100% online for Fall 2020.  You will work with instructors and tutors to improve the English skills you choose.

Speaking - The ESL Center Online (ESLCOL) will use Zoom (online video conferencing) to help students improve their speaking skills. Students will need to finish a minimum of 9 hours of speaking skills practice. Students can attend a maximum of two speaking sessions per day, and speaking sessions are available from 8:00am – 7:00pm Monday - Thursday, and on Fridays from 8:00am – 12:00pm.

Grammar & Reading - Students will also complete workbooks online to help build grammar and reading skills. The workbooks may be done at any time on the ESLCOL Canvas site. An ESL Center Help Room (also using Zoom) will be available Monday - Thursday from 8:00am – 7:15pm and on Fridays from 8:00am – 12:30pm. Students who have questions or who need their work checked may join the help room to talk to a live instructor or tutor.

Attendance time and days are flexible, which means you can attend and work in the ESL Center when you have time and while it is open. And remember- you don't need to be enrolled in any other ESL classes to work in the ESL Lab.

The ESL lab is flexible for you. How to register

How do you know which course you can register for?

Register in ESL 34 if you took any ESL 20 (W20, R20 or L20) or higher course and got a C or higher grade.  You can also take ESL 34 when your assessment score is for one of the following classes: ESLG 31, ESLL 31 or ESL 37.

Register in ESL 44 if you took any 30 level courses (ESLL 30, ESLR 30, or ESLW 40) and got a C or higher grade.  You can also take ESL 44 when your assessment score is for one of the following classes: ESLG 41, ESLL 41, or ESL 47.

Register in ESL 54 if you took any 40 level courses (ESLL 40, ESLR 40, or ESLW 40) and got a C or higher grade.  You can also take ESL 54 when your assessment score is for one of the following classes: ESLG 51, ESLL 51, or ESL 55.

Register in ESL 94 if took any level 50 courses (ESLG 50, ESLL 50, ESLR 50, or ESLW 50 and got a C or higher grade.  You can also take ESL 94 when your assessment score is for one of the following classes: ESLG 310/320, ESLL 310, ESL 315/325/340)

What can I study in the ESL Center Online?

All students need to attend a minimum of 9 hours of speaking sessions to improve their listening and conversation skills.  The ESLCOL staff will help you choose one or more online workbooks for you to study grammar, practice sentence structures, or increase your reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. 

How many units should I register for?

The amount of work you need to complete in the ESL Center depends on the number of units you registered for.  You earn credit in the ESL Center by completing workbooks with grammar, reading, or writing exercises, and participating in online speaking classes.  You should plan to spend at least 9-11 hours completing each workbook.  You need to complete all parts of each workbook and pass a test to receive credit for a workbook. You will earn credit for speaking classes by participating in online speaking sessions in ConferZoom for 9 hours and completing a speaking test.  You can participate in 2 online speaking sessions per day.  9 online speaking sessions will not always add up to 9 hours of online speaking.

This chart shows you how much work (number of items) you need to complete. When you take more units, you can add more speaking sessions OR more workbooks—whatever works for you!

If you take .5 units, you will have 2 items to finish, 1 workbook, and 9 speaking hours. If you take 1.0 unit, you will have 4 items to finish, 2 or 3 workbooks, and 9 or 18 speaking hours. If you take 1.5 units, you will have 6 items to finish, 3-5 workbooks, and 9 or 18 or 27 speaking hours.

When can I come to the ESL Center Online?

You need to attend the speaking sessions between 8:00am and 6:00pm on Mondays through Thursdays, or on Fridays from 8:00am – 11:30am.  However, you can choose to come at any day or time that works for you.  Online workbook assignments can be submitted at any time in Canvas.  The workbook will be checked by ESLCOL staff, and a new part will be sent to you. If you have questions about your workbook, you can ask staff in the Help Room.  The Help Room will be open from 8:00am – 7:15 on Mondays through Thursdays and on Fridays from 8:00am – 12:30pm.

There are about 16 weeks in the semester for you to finish the required number of items for credit.  You should finish at least half of the items you need by midterm (about 8 weeks), but you can always finish earlier!

Do you have to register for ESL Center courses at the beginning of the semester?

No.  You can register up to week 9, but you will need to come to contact the ESL Center Coordinator, Krista Hess, to get a permission number.  Her email: hessk@arc.losrios.edu

Contact ESL Center

Dean: Diana Hicks
Coordinator: Krista Hess
Phone: (916) 484-8919
Email: hessk@arc.losrios.edu


Monday thru Thursday:
8:00am to 7:15pm
8:00am to 12:35pm


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