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Welcome to Student Technology Center Online Resources.

We are excited to offer a Virtual Lab environment to support ARC courses. There are two separate methods to get to virtual labs.

Attention Electronics Students
The software used in the Electronics virtual Lab requires you to install the VMware Horizon Client. The instructions are located below in the FIRST Method section. Please click on the link for your device PC, Macintosh or Chromebook

The First Method:

Is installing VMware Horizon Client on a personal computer. This way offers better performance and features.

To participate in this online service, you will need to download and configure the VMware Horizon Client on your Windows or Apple computer/laptop, or Chromebook. You will also need to have access to an Internet Provider.

Windows / PC Configuration |  Apple / Mac Configuration |  Chromebook Configuration

The Second Method:

Is VMware Horizon HTML Access. It is not required to install any additional software on student's personal computer. HTML Access is an additional way to get access to the virtual lab pool by just using your browser and can be used by following the steps below.

Connect to the ARC Virtual Labs using HTML Access:

Step One

Open a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Step Two

Type or click the link

Step Three

On the next screen click VMware Horizon HTML Access, before clicking, you can remember your choice by clicking on small circle under.

VMware Horizon Screen Shot

Step Four

Enter your w+ID and student password:

Vmware Screen Shot

Step Five

You will see list of available virtual course pools. Double click on one and it will create session for you inside the browser. For example:

vmware example screen shot

ARC Virtual Lab Environments

Art New Media Lab

Art New Media Lab
This lab recreates the specialized software normally found in the Art New Media lab.

TV Paint
All Adobe 2020
Corel Painter
Allegorithmic Substance Painter
Allegorithmic Substance Designer
Motion Builder
Arnold Renderer
Blender 3d

Automotive Lab

ARC-Automotive Lab
This lab recreates the software programs used in the Automotive programs at both ARC and the Mather Outreach lab.

Cummins INSITE
Mitchell Ultramate
Shopkey Pro
Microsoft Office 2019

Business and Computer Science

Replicates the experience of using a computer on campus in the Business Computer Science (BCS) area. There are two options for the labs one contains Microsoft Office 2016 and the other Microsoft Office 2019:

Atom Editor
Diagram Designer
GMetrix SMSe
MS Office 2016
Java Run Time Environment
Java Development Kit
Libre Office
MS Visual Studio 2019
Movie Maker
Notepad ++
Putty (x64)
Python 3.7
Video Win Movie Maker
Video LAN

Design and Engineering Lab

ARC-Design and Engineering Lab This lab contains AutoCAD and the other software programs used in the Design and Engineering Technology courses.

Adobe Creative Cloud with all programs
AutoCAD 2020
Inventor Pro 2020
Revit 2020
Autodesk Fusion 360
SketchUp 2019
DynaSCAPE Design
Chief Architect Premier X11
Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Project

Design Hub

This lab recreates the software found in the ARC Design Hub.

Electrician Trainee Lab

ARC Electrician Trainee virtual lab

ARC Electrician Trainee virtual lab. This lab gives access for Electrician Trainee students to the ET AC Challenge Software.

ET AC Challenge Software
Adobe Acrobat DC
Autodesk AutoCAD 2019
Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019
Do-more Designer

Electronics lab

ARC-Electronics virtual lab

This lab offers access for Multisim, Automation studio, and other programs for the Electronics classes.

Multisim 14.0
Automation Studio
ET AC Challenge Software
C-more Programming
Do-more Designer
Adobe Acrobat DC
Autodesk AutoCAD 2019
Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019

Engineering lab

ARC-Engineering virtual lab

This lab recreates the software in our Engineering labs.

All Adobe 2020
AutoCAD 2020
Autodesk Inventor Pro 2019
Autodesk ReCap
QGIS 3.10
Microsoft Office 2016

GeoScience lab

ARC-GeoScience virtual lab. This lab is offers the specialized software found in our GIS lab

ArcGIS Pro
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Interior Design Lab

ARC-FAA - Interior Design Lab

This lab recreates the software found in the Fashion and Interior Design Lab:

All Adobe 2020
Optitex 19
Chief Architect Premier x11
Maxon Cinema 4 D R21
AutoCAD 2020
Revit 2020
Navisworks 2020

LRC (Learning Resource Center)

ARC-LRC replicates the experience of using a computer on campus in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). When you log into the virtual system you will have access to the ARC-LRC virtual desktop and receive access to many of the LRC software programs you need to assist you with your courses, including:

IBM SPSS Statistics
GeoGebra 5
Wolfram CDF Player
R Statistics
Microsoft Office 2019
Los Rios Libraries Research Databases

ARC Student Tech Support team is here to help you with your computer issues.

We are offering Tech Support for your Chromebook or All-in-One Computer

(916) 484-8667 ARC Student Technical Support

(916) 286-3700 LRCCD Student Technical Support

Or email:

Monday – Thursday
8:00 am to 8:30 pm

8:00 am to 6:30pm

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday Closed