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Quick Start Guide

Note: Images on this page are informational only, not live links.

1. To access Los Rios online labs please download and install VMware’s Horizon Client. To find the client that is right for you visit VMware Horizon and select “Install VMware Horizon Client”.

"You can connect to your Los Rios Lab Desktop by downloading the VMware Horizon Client. Click the down arrow on the left below to download the Horizon Client and access it on your computer. Then click the HTML Access icon on the right to connect."

install VMware Horizon Client

2. Select “Go to Downloads” under the Mac or Windows section based on what device you are using to connect.

product Downloads

3. Select Download on the page that pops up.

download button

4. After the file has been downloaded, run the file to begin the installation.

4a. When Windows Store enabled on PC please click on “Continue installing from outside the Store”

Continue installing from outside the Store

5. Select Agree and Install when prompted.

Agree and Install

6. Let the installer run to completion. It may take a few minutes.

installing VMware Horizon Client

7. When prompted click Finish and restart your computer to complete the installation


8. After your computer has restarted launch VMware Horizon Client and double-click “Add Server”

add server

9. Enter into the dialog box and click connect.

new server dialog box

10. Enter your Student ID number (including the w) and password when prompted.

login box

11. Double-click the lab that you wish to use. Please remember that the labs available to you may be different depending on the classes and schools you are currently enrolled in.

Double-click the lab that you wish to use

After launching a computer: If you see the dialog box below, please click “Allow” to enable the use of USB devices.

enable the use of USB devices