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VMware Horizon Client for Macintosh, Installation and Setup Guide

1. Open Safari and visit

screenshot of browser address bar

2. Click “Install VMware Horizon Client”

3. Under VMware Horizon Client for Mac click on “Go to Download”

4. Verify that you trying to download VMware Horizon Client for MacOS and click “Download”

5. Go to Downloads in Safari, and double click the downloaded client.

6. Click “Agree” on License Agreement window.

7. To install VMware Horizon Client drag the icon to the Application folder.

8. Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock; find the VMware Horizon Client icon and Open it

9. Click “Open” on warning window that VMware Horizon Client application was downloaded from the internet.

10. Click “Continue” on Start remote USB and Printing services.

11. Click “OK” when application prompt to make changes on your system.

12. Click on “Open Security Preferences”

13. Unlock your system and click “Allow” under System software from developer “VMware, Inc.” was blocked from loading.

14. Click “New Server”, type the server name under “Enter the name of the Connection Server” and click “Connect”

15. Enter your username and password and click “Login”

16. Double click on any available pools for you. It will create virtual session.