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VMware Horizon Client for Chrome OS, Installation and Setup Guide

1. Update Chrome OS first. Go to Chrome\Help\About Chrome OS

2. Click “Check Updates”

3. If your Chrome OS has, updates wait until installed and click restart.

4. After restart, open Chrome and visit and select “Install VMware Horizon”

5. On the next page verify that you trying to install “Horizon Client for Chrome OS” and click “Add to Chrome”

6. On the next page click “Add app”

7. Wait until finished installing. Button will be changed to “Launch App”

8. You can launch application from here first time. In addition, you will find application from all apps.

9. Launch the application, Click on “Gear” on top-right side.

10. Click “Security options” under “Connection settings”

11. Click on “Security mode”

12. On “Security mode” select “Do not verify server identity certificates” and click “OK”

13. Click “ESC” on the keyboard to go back. Type under “Server Name or Address” and click “Connect”

14. Enter your username and password

15. Double click on any available pools for you. It will create virtual session.

16. Next time when you open Horizon Client for Chrome OS application tab by default will be “Recent” with last used pools available to login. Double click will open available virtual machine in that pool for you. To switch to another pool click on “Servers” tab and login again with your username and password