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Join us in an interview of Elizabeth Specker in our very own (EMRA) Reading Awareness resource lab at ARC.

Students benefit from viewing their own reading patterns. During a one-on-one session, discuss an individual's strategies and abilities such as pre-reading skills, scanning skills & patterns, strategies to use with unknown words or difficult passages - all on an individual basis. Materials can be adapted to a student's course and reading level.  Students can option to read more than once and view progress and changes in reading proficiency over the course of one semester or over multiple semesters.  Students can also compare reading patterns in 1st and 2nd languages, or with expert readers.  Discussion and self-reflection are part of an EMRA reading experience to raise awareness of personal reading habits and choices.

Classroom Workshop

A 30-45 minute workshop tailored to the level and materials used in class.  Instructors choose strategies and learning points to focus on.  For example, a workshop about pre-reading strategies may include reading exercises intermixed with a powerpoint video illustrating what an 'expert' reader does with pre-reading skills using the same exercises.  Students can compare their own reading habits with a visual example of an expert reader.  Workshops help students focus and become aware of their own reading patterns through examples, practice, discussion and supportive reasoning.