Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Services and Information


The VRC provides the following services:

  • Information regarding VA education benefits
  • Assistance with the ARC application and registration process
  • Assistance with VA applications and forms
  • VA Certifying Officials to initiate and process VA education benefits
  • Evaluation of educational progress as applied toward a degree or certificate program
  • Evaluation of DD form 214s for college credit
  • Priority registration to qualified Veterans who provide a DD form 214 or military ID
  • VetSuccess Counselor
  • TRIO SSS Veterans
  • Appointments with a DSPS counselor
  • Appointments with an ARC counselor
  • Information about ARC resources and services
  • Computer lab
  • Local VA representatives
  • Assistance identifying community resources for Veterans and their dependents
  • Events and activities designed to foster an environment of academic, career and personal success
  • Employment opportunities for VA work-study through the VA. View the work-study application.

Veterans Affairs Applications

  • 22-1990 (Chapters 33, 30, and 1606) submit this form when applying for benefits for the first time or when changing chapters
  • 22-1995 (Chapters 33, 30, 1606, and Transfer of Entitlement Program) submit this form when transferring schools or if you have already applied for benefits before
  • 22-5490 (Chapter 35 and Fry Scholarship) submit this form when applying for benefits for the first time
  • 22-5495 (Chapter 35 and Fry Scholarship) submit this form when transferring schools or if you have already applied for benefits before
  • 22-1990E (Transfer of Entitlement Program) submit this form when approved for transfer of entitlement

Required Documents

  • Provide transcripts from other colleges: You are required by the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide all transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are permitted, but we will need official copies.
  • Veterans - DD-214 (member 4)
  • Reservists - Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) DD 2384-1
  • Veterans/Reservists - If applicable, provide Kicker/College Fund Contract
  • Dependents - If you’ve never applied for CH. 35 benefit, submit a birth certificate or marriage certificate and the Veteran's DD-214.
  • All Recipients - If you have already been approved by the VA/used benefits, please provide your Certificate of Eligibility for VA Educational Benefits.

Make an ARC Counseling Appointment for a VA Educational Plan

Pick up a VA educational plan at the Veterans Resource Center before your appointment. All transcripts from other colleges must be received prior to your appointment. The Department of Veterans Affairs mandates that students select a major. 

You can only receive payment for courses that are required according to your major. 

Please contact the ARC Counseling Center for an appointment at (916) 484-8572.

Enroll and Schedule a VA Certification Appointment

Do not schedule an appointment if you plan to drop or add classes. Classes on the waitlist cannot be certified. Changes to your schedule after initial certification can cause delays in payments or overpayments with the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you make changes to your schedule after certification, contact our office immediately.

To schedule your VA certification appointment, please call (916) 484-8135.

VRC and VA Forms

A student’s signature is required to process any of the following forms. Please submit forms to the Veterans Resource Center. For any questions, please contact our office at (916) 484-8135.

Military Early Out

If you are requesting an Early Out from the military for education, please submit an ARC application and a verification request.

Provide the following in a signed request:

  • Full name
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • The semester you are applying for
  • A return address or fax number

Please fax or mail your request to: 

   American River College
   Veterans Resource Center
   4700 College Oak Drive
   Sacramento, CA 95841

Fax number: 916-484-8917


Military Drop or Withdrawal

If you are called to active duty during the semester and would like to request a military withdrawal, bring a copy of your orders to the Veterans Resource Center and attach them to an ARC petition requesting military withdrawal. Once approved, ARC will withdraw you from your classes and reimburse your tuition. If financial aid is involved, ask the coordinator to determine how your financial aid will be affected. You are responsible for contacting your lender(s) regarding any loan repayment options.

If you would like to receive a grade of incomplete as an alternative to military withdrawal, please contact your instructor(s) for approval.

If you are receiving VA education benefits, a VA Certifying Official will work with the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding your last day of attendance. For additional questions, contact the ARC Veterans Resource Center at 916-484-8135.