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Zero Textbook Costs

Zero Textbook Costs (ZTC) = Classes with Free Textbooks

Zero Textbook Costs (ZTC) means that there is no cost for required textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, readers, or specialized software like online homework systems. There is a state law (SB 1359) that requires California Community Colleges to identify Zero Textbook Costs course sections.

Searching for ZTC Courses

You can search for ZTC courses in the online class schedule or in eServices.

Low Cost Textbook Designation

Low-Cost icon

The Low Cost designation can also be applied in the textbook cost filter. The Low Cost symbol is a dollar sign in a down arrow and means that a student will pay $30 or less for all required instructional materials in that course section.

  • Instructional materials include required textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, readers, or specialized websites or software like online homework systems. The definition does not apply to supplemental items such lab coats and kits, goggles, a calculator, blue books, scantron forms, art supplies, etc.
  • The designation is based on the pre-tax retail price of new materials in the ARC Bookstore only. It does not apply to the price of used or rental books or ebooks available through the ARC Bookstore or any other bookseller.
  • A section that uses free digital materials, but requires students to print some or all of the course materials may be designated as Low Cost if the printing costs can be reasonably expected to be under $30.

Zero Textbook Cost Degrees and Certificates

With careful course selection, the following Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) degree and certificate pathways can be achieved without paying for textbooks. This means at least one section in the major and GE course sequence is available as ZTC.

General Education (GE) Courses with Zero Textbook Costs

Use the links below to see a list of ZTC courses offered in the next upcoming semester that meet each GE requirement.