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Student Access Card

Digital UTP

The Universal Transit Pass (UTP) is available electronically via SacRT's mobile fare app, ZipPass. The UTP is no longer tied to the student access card.

Your student access card is your official college ID card and gives you access to student benefits and activities.

To get a student access card, you must:

  • Be enrolled in at least one class (not waitlisted)
  • Provide a photo ID (if it is your first time getting a student access card)
  • Get your picture taken

Pick-Up Locations

Check with each location listed below for their hours of operation.

Student Access Card Benefits

College Library

Your student access card is your college library card. It is valid at all of our libraries across the district. You must present your card at your library's circulation desk when borrowing books and other library materials, but you do not need a card to access online library resources. Active, enrolled students can:

  • Use library research databases
  • Request library materials from other libraries within the district
  • Place holds
  • Review library records online

GoPrint Card

You can use your student access card to make photocopies or prints at any GoPrint station at any college in the district. To activate the debit stripe on the back of your card, insert it into any vend/revalue GoPrint station and deposit the amount (minimum $1) you wish to put on the card. You can add money to the card at any time.

If you still have money on an old GoPrint card, then you can continue to use that card until the value is spent by going to a revalue station and inserting your card to reactivate it.

Lost or Stolen Cards

You get one student access card free each academic year. A replacement card costs $5.

You can pay for a replacement card at the Business Services Office. Bring the receipt for your payment to a location where student access cards are issued to get a new one.

Damaged Cards

We will replace damaged cards for free. Please bring the damaged card to a location where student access cards are issued to get a new one.