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Gerontology is the study of people as they change physically and continue to develop mentally and socially after middle age using an integrated biopsychosocial person-centered perspective to understand the needs of older people and the older population.  Gerontology is a nonclinical behavioral social science as opposed to geriatrics, which encompasses all the licensed/certified clinical medical and mental health professions.  Gerontologists work to connect clients with programs that best meet their support and service needs as opposed to nonclinical human services and social workers with general knowledge about people of all ages.

The ARC Gerontology Associate of Arts degrees are nationally recognized. In August of 2018, our vocational AA degrees earned national accreditation from AGEC, the Accreditation for Gerontology Education Council. The degrees and certificates of achievement are long-standing Program of Merit (POM) recognized by the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education. The new regular Gerontology AA is designed for students planning to gain a foundation in gerontology courses while completing the lower division course prerequisites for the upper division courses required by Sac State students complete a bachelor's in Gerontology and it not yet accredited or recognized as a POM.  

AGEC degree accreditation and certificate Program of Merit status confirms that the ARC gerontology program faculty have gerontology credentials and that ARC gerontology courses are framed in the integrated biopsychosocial gerontological perspective. Other programs in the region/state may offer gerontology degrees or certificates; however, if the faculty do not have gerontology credentials and the courses are not taught from the gerontological perspective, they are multidisciplinary aging studies programs rather than gerontology programs.

All ARC gerontology core courses are offered online at least once a year, which makes it possible for full-time students to complete the core of any gerontology degree or certificate of achievement in two years. Some specialization area courses taught by other departments may not be offered online or once a year. Currently, the gerontology specialization courses, GEROB 310 and the state approved courses GERON 200 and GERON 220 are offered occasionally.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • A.A. in Gerontology: Administrative
  • A.A. in Gerontology: Advocacy and Social Policy
  • A.A. in Gerontology: Case Management and Social Services
  • A.A. in Gerontology: Geriatric Health Care
  • A.A. in Gerontology: Recreation
  • A.A. in Gerontology
  • Gerontology: Administrative Certificate
  • Gerontology: Advocacy and Social Policy Certificate
  • Gerontology: Case Management and Social Services Certificate
  • Gerontology: Geriatric Health Care Certificate
  • Gerontology: Recreation Certificate
  • Senior Fitness Specialist Certificate
  • Activity Leader, Coordinator, and Director Training Certificate
  • RCFE Administrator Training Certificate
  • Social Service Designee Certificate