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Humanities and Religious Studies


Humanities (HUM) & Religious Studies (RLST) courses recognize and explore the dynamics of difference through interdisciplinary study, appreciation, and analysis of world cultures from ancient times to the present. Humanities students gain comprehensive, cross-cultural perspectives on diverse human communities by examining literature, visual arts, music, drama, film, philosophy, history, and religion. Religions are powerful forces that have shaped and continue to shape the world's history, cultures, politics, the pursuit of science, ethics, economics, violence, peace, power, marginalization, justice, and injustice. Religious Studies students gain excellent critical thinking skills by discerning and analyzing religions’ roles in diverse cultural, political, and social movements through multiple disciplinary lenses, including history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, and postcolonial studies. Our approach is non-devotional and academic, which means we acknowledge that there are multiple authentic representations of religious expression in the world.