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Kinesiology and Athletics


The ARC Kinesiology and Athletics program offers a wide variety of courses that improve physical fitness, sport skills, and dance performance abilities. All activity classes are open to both men and women unless noted.

Students may enroll in more than one physical education class at the same time. They may not enroll in more than two sections of the activity during the same semester. DANCE, FITNS, PACT, and TMACT classes may be taken one time for credit. SPORT classes may be taken four times for credit. The prefixes “ADAPT, DANCE, FITNS, PACT, TMACT, and SPORT” refer to courses used to satisfy the one-unit physical education graduation requirement.

Courses which are designated with a KINES prefix are theory-oriented rather than activity-oriented and DO NOT satisfy the physical education activity requirement.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • A.A.-T. in Kinesiology
  • A.S. in Physical Education
  • A.S. in Sports Medicine
  • Fitness Specialist Certificate