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College Administrators


Kobayashi, Hironobu (Frank) (2013)
Interim President
A.S., A.A., Santa Rosa Junior College
M.A., Stanford University
Ed.D., B.S., UC Davis

Vice Presidents

Booth, Derrick (2023)
Interim Vice President, Instruction
B.S., CSU Chico
M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington

Stephenson, Jeffrey Wayne (2003)
Vice President of Student Services
B.M.S., Cincinnati Mortuary College
M.S., Western Illinois University Macomb
Ph.D., Capella University

Vang, Koue (2001)
Vice President of Administration
B.S., University of Phoenix
M.S., University of Phoenix

Associate Vice Presidents

Funk, Chad (2009)
Associate Vice President, Student Services
A.A., Yuba College
B.A., CSU Sacramento
M.S., University of La Verne

Jaques, Kathleen (1994)
Associate Vice President, Instruction
B.A., University of Alaska
M.A., CSU Sacramento
Ed.D., Northeastern University

Milano, Angela (2008)
Interim Associate Vice President, Workforce Development
B.A., Sonoma State University
M.S., Texas A&M University

Snowden, BJ (2002)
Interim Associate Vice President of Equity, Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation
B.S., San Jose State University
M.A., Pepperdine University
Ed.D., University of San Francisco

Windham, Adam (2019)
Interim Associate Vice President, Instruction and Enrollment Management
M.S., San Francisco State University


Aguilar, Gary (1999)
Dean, Technical Education
B.Arch., California State Polytechnic University
M.A., University of Phoenix

Arata, Raquel (2016)
Dean, Career Education & Workforce Development
B.A. Santa Clara University
M.A., Syracuse University
Ed.D., Drexel University

Beckhorn, Nisha (2006)
Dean, Student Services, Counseling & Transfer Services
B.S., UC Davis
M.S., CSU Sacramento

Blodgett, Hannah (2014)
Interim Dean, Outreach, First Year Experience, & Pathway Communities
B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
M.P.P.A., Sacramento State University

Corbin, Kirsten (2006)
Dean, Business & Computer Science
B.S., M.A., San Francisco State University

De Lapp, Jan (1999)
Interim Dean, Mathematics
B.A., Sacramento State University
M.A., Sacramento State University

Garcia, Diana (2017)
Interim Dean, Library and Learning Resources
B.A. ,B.S., University of California, Davis
M.A., CSU Sacramento

Geary, Parrish (2007)
Dean, Student Engagement & Completion
A.S. Occupational Therapy, Oakwood College
B.A. Liberal Studies, Concentration: Natural Sciences, CSU, Sacramento
M.A. Education, CSU, Sacramento

Herndon, Doug (2015)
Dean, English
B.A., CSU Sacramento
M.A., CSU Sacramento

Keebler, Joel (2022)
Dean, Science and Engineering
A.A., Roane State Community College
B.A., B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee

Laflam, Jennifer (2014)
Interim Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Innovation
B.A., UC, Santa Cruz
M.A., CSU, Sacramento

Madramootoo, Narine (2015)
Interim Dean, Health and Education
B.S., CSU Sacramento
M.S., University of Nebraska, Kearney

McCormack, John (2001)
Associate Dean, Apprenticeship
B.V.E., CSU Sacramento
M.Ed., CSU Sacramento

Porter, Nicole (2022)
Dean, Humanities
B.A., Eastern Washington University
M.A., National University
Ed.D., University of the Pacific

Roberson, Steven (2022)
Dean, Kinesiology and Athletics
B.S., CSU Sacramento
M.S., Ohio University
Ed.D., CSU Sacramento

Sorensen, Kathryn (2019)
Dean, Behavioral and Social Sciences
B.S., Baylor University
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
M.S., University of Texas, Arlington

Stewart, Devoun (2018)
Dean, Natomas Education Center
A.S., Biology & Chemistry, College of Agriculture, Science, and Education
B.S., Biochemistry & Chemistry (double major), University of the West Indies, Monabr />Ed.M., Education Policy and Management, Harvard University
Ph.D., Chemistry, Howard University

Dean, Fine and Applied Arts

Dean, Regional Public Safety Training Center