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Theatre Arts Club

What is Theatre Arts Club?

Theatre Arts Club is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for anyone interested in performing arts! We strive to help create a strong and supportive community within the American River College theatre department by hosting different events and workshops. Some of our different events include open mic nights, workshops hosted by our theatre professors and professionals, informational meetings to give insight into what's happening within the department, and so much more!

How can I get connected?

A great way to stay updated on club events is to follow our instagram, (@Theatreartsclub) or to look at the club's bulletin board in the hallways of the theater building.

Feel free to reach out to us via:

Meeting Times:

Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, every other week or as needed.
Location: the Tech Lab / Room 515 in the theater building.
(For event times, check our instagram!)

We hope to see you soon!



Bailey Waldrep

Alex Keyes

Heather Mckinney

Social Media Manager/Secretary:
Ronin Bartlett

Faculty Advisor:
Tracy Martin


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