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Take a Hike

Hello and welcome to ARC's Take a Hike Club!

Being a college student can be stressful and have you sitting inside all day. Taking a hike is an amazing way to get outside and get some fresh air, and hiking with others is always better than going alone. We are a group full of people that started off as strangers and are now close friends because of this club, and we welcome everybody who wants to join with open arms.

Photo showing Mountains, Trees, and clouds

This club is built around having fun, and everyone is welcome. If you have any physical limitations that prevent you from attending certain hikes, we will plan events with you in mind!

Meeting Location: Main Science Portable 492
Meeting Days: Every other Monday

  • Monday, January 22
  • Monday, February 5
  • Monday, February 19
  • Monday, March 4
  • Monday. March 18
  • Monday, April 1
  • Monday, April 15
  • Monday, April 29
  • Monday, May 13

Meeting Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Club events:



Mira Hansen (she/her)

Anuhya Banerjee (she/her)
Kat Beguhl (they/them)

Ethan Kruithof (he/they)

Sam Osborn (she/they)

Faculty Advisos:
Kathy Bradshaw (she/her)
Deboleena Roy (she/her)


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