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Sociology Club

The ARC Sociology Club is a student-led group where we discuss social inequality from a structural and institutional perspective in an effort to work collectively toward a more equitable world. The ARC Sociology Club is also a place for Sociology majors or students interested in other social sciences to discuss, conduct, and present academic research. For the last two years, the ARC Sociology Club has conducted an annual research project and presented the findings at the annual Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) meeting in the Spring. Our club has two main goals: to actively challenge social inequality and to help students reach their educational and professional goals.

We hold weekly meetings in person and via Zoom. For Fall, 2023 our Club meets:


ARC Sociology Club Gmail:

Stephanie Verdugo

Andres Lozano

Wyatt Boyd-Wilmot

Wendy de Haydu

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jeffrey O. Sacha
Professor, Sociology