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Muslim Student Association

The aims and the purposes of the Muslim Students Association are to serve the best interest of Islam, of the Muslims at American River College and of its members.

Towards this end, the association shall:

  • Promote unity and joint actions among Muslims and non-Muslims, of any faith.
  • Educate the students and faculty about Islam and its true teachings, with accurate evidence.
  • Conduct social, cultural, religious, and other activities in the best traditions of Islam.
  • Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic Religious festivals at appropriate times.
  • Promote and encourage friendly relations between Islam and non-Muslims or any other club.
  • Endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims.

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Club Email:

MSA Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Bill Zangeneh-Lester

MSA Co-Coordinator:
Faryal Said

MSA President:
Shazil Mahmood

MSA Vice President:
Ziba Ahmadzai

MSA Secretary: TBD

MSA Treasurer:
Fraz Ahmed

MSA Clubs and Events Board Representative: TBD

MSA Events Coordinator: TBD

MSA Public Relations Outreach Officer: TBD

MSA Social Media Officer:
Khadija Halim

MSA Staff Ally:
Shelvina Singh


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