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Get involved with the Black Student Union (BSU), which is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experience of students of the African diaspora through exposing them to knowledge and ideas with an African/African American axiology.

President: Kamariah Alexander

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Major: Political Science

My name is Kamariah Alexander, and I am the President of the BSU. I am pursuing my Associate's degree in political science and will transfer to a four-year university in the fall of 2023.  I am a Black power advocate and full of Black pride. My mission is to spread awareness and bring unity to the Black students on campus. I hope to garner resources and provide a safe space for Black students. I want to transform my Black pride into Black success for all Black students at American River College. We will provide outreach and communication, and representation. I know that as a community, we at the BSU can accomplish anything.

Junior President: Lauryn Martin

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Major: Political Science

My name is Lauryn Martin, and I am currently a high school student at Inderkum High School in ARC’s Dual Enrollment-California Early College Academy (CECA) program. I graduate in 2023 and plan to go to a four-year university. My academic goals are to attend UC Berkeley or Columbia University; I want to become a Civil Rights Attorney, then eventually start my law firm and ultimately pursue a position in congress. My life’s mission is to create, strengthen, build community, and advocate for those who are not heard.
As Junior President, I'm beginning my dreams of leading our community early on.
I work with devotion and commitment to my community within my heart.
I have developed a love for BSU work at Inderkum High School and want to continue it even outside my main campus.
One Love!

Vice President: Akil Daniels 

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Major: English Literature

My name is Akil Daniels, and I look forward to serving as the Vice President of the Black Student Union. My major is English Literature, and my educational goal is to obtain my Associate’s degree in English and Communications before transferring to a UC or CSU. I want to receive my Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Communications. I also plan to get my teaching credential to teach high school English while working on my master’s degree. This will allow me the opportunity of teaching at the college level. I have always loved to learn, and I’ve learned that I love teaching other people and helping them achieve their own goals.
I look forward to being a point of contact for my fellow students and helping point them in the right direction towards the resources and support available that they might not realize they have access to. Ultimately I believe one of my purposes on this planet is to help people, and as BSU Vice President, I will be in a position to help more students. They can extend that help to others, creating a stronger sense of empowerment and community here at ARC.

Secretary: Ashlee Green

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Major: History

My name is Ashlee Green, and my major at ARC is History. My hobbies are yoga, dancing, rock climbing, pottery, reading, writing, and painting. I am transferring to Sac State to pursue my B. An in History, and from there, I plan to attend law school. Currently, my career goals include starting my law firm and providing pro bono services in the Sacramento Area to historically oppressed and marginalized groups who have found it challenging to obtain legal assistance. Being a part of the BSU makes me feel seen and heard. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a supportive and inclusive community. Occupying the position of BSU Secretary is very important to me because I believe this position will allow me to take a more active role and permit me the opportunity to give back to the BSU and the community.

Treasurer: Kristen Ross

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Major: Undeclared

My name is Kristen Ross, and I am a student at American River College, I plan to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. I am currently undeclared on a major, but I am looking forward to discovering that with time and new experiences. My hobbies include practicing speaking Spanish, drawing/painting, reading, and writing. I enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, and exploring and learning about different cultures. Being curious about the world, open to listening and hearing different perspectives, and being about forming a better world through love, I believe, is the key to life. I still have time to go before transferring, but I'm excited for the journey ahead, meeting different people, and enjoying each day.