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Classes - online and on-campus information

We want to offer help with registering and understanding the different ways that you can take classes at ARC. There are some complicated definitions about online, partially online, face-to-face, synchronous, and asynchronous meanings. Read these presentation slides for explanations.

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ESL Program Changes and Updates

Information about ESL courses & course numbers

Our ESL program has made some exciting changes! Many students want to learn English quickly and continue to earn certificates and degrees, and to transfer to 4-year universities. We offer Integrated Reading & Writing, Grammar, and Listening & Speaking classes. We have courses at:

  • 30 level (beginning high)
  • 40 level (intermediate low)
  • 50 level (intermediate-mid)
  • 315 level (intermediate-high)
  • 325 (advanced low)

We also offer two courses (ESLW 340 & ESL 350) that meet university degree requirements for many majors in both the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems. Before 2020, we offered separate reading and writing courses, but we don’t offer those courses now. If you are returning after a break in your studies, we encourage you to go through ESL assessment if you are eligible.

ESL Course Sequence

See the ESL Course Sequence Chart in the online catalog to see the order of ESL courses (from beginning to advanced levels). To find out which course you should take first, see the following Remote Assessment and Placement Information.

Please review the ESL Department Prerequisite Challenge Process if you are interested in challenging a course level in one of the skill areas.



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