Receive help with completing your educational and career goals in ARC’s CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) P rogram. We partner with other services on campus, county DHA offices, and community-based organizations to help you access the services you need.

CalWORKs is a state-funded, welfare-to-work program that helps those on public assistance become self-sufficient.

We offer many academic programs that prepare you for the competitive workforce.  Visit our office to learn more about ARC’s CalWORKs Support Services

CalWORKs Services

Lending Library

Receive short-term book loans for some of the texts you may need in your classes. As a CalWORKs student who receives cash aid from the County, you’ll have exclusive access to this lending library.

Book loans are usually available for one to two weeks. They are supplemental and not replacements for books you may need to purchase for class.

Complete the following steps to borrow a book from the Lending Library:

  • Attend a CalWORKs Support Services Intake
  • Meet with a CalWORKs Counselor
  • Provide a current Education Plan certified by a CalWORKs Counselor
  • Submit a Textbook Funding Request statement prepared by the CalWORKs Support Services Office to your Case Workers

Ask our staff if the textbook you need is in our Lending Library. Please provide a printout of your book list and syllabus (if applicable) at the CalWORKs Office.

Work Study - Job Placement

Receive help getting employment on and off campus in the CalWORKs Work Study Program. To begin, see if you are eligible and attend the CalWORKs intake. Then, sign up for the CalWORKs Work Study orientation, where you’ll learn how Work Study can help with welfare-to-work required core and non-core hours. Work Study can also help you develop your professional skills, network in your field of interest, and explore career paths.

CalWORKs Work Study Requirements

  • Attend a Work Study orientation.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units in the fall and spring semesters and 1 unit during the summer.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for Work Study employment.
  • Have a current CalWORKs Education Plan and county eligibility on file in the ARC CalWORKs office.

Note: Work Study time limit is 24 months. After 24 months, your wages will no longer be subsidized by CalWORKs.


The services offered by CalWORKs include the following:

  • Advocacy and support from staff who are familiar with the CalWORKs policies and requirements
  • Academic and career counseling with a CalWORKs counselor
  • Work Study opportunities
  • Career preparation help 
  • Assistance coordinating with your county worker on related educational costs such as childcare, books, supplies,and transportation
  • Appointments with the on-site countyrepresentative
  • Referrals to student support service programs like tutoring
  • Priority registration (with some exceptions)

These are just some of the services offered through CalWORKs Support Services.

To begin, you will need to attend a 90-minute CalWORKs Intake. Your intake will map out how we can contribute to your education and success at ARC. Contact us to get started.