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“I would like us to do something unprecedented: to create ourselves without finding it necessary to create an enemy.” — James Baldwin


Throughout the history of this country, and specifically right now, we are witnessing violence and hate aimed toward so many communities that are represented at ARC. Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American, Black, trans and queer, Latinx, Native American, immigrant, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and so many other communities are reeling from the constant threat of hate enacted upon their lives and communities.

Simultaneously, all of us are facing a new wave of mass shootings fueled by hate and bias across the country. We must come together and state clearly and unequivocally that hate has no place at ARC and that we advance love, solidarity, and community in the face of hate.

Take the Pledge

Commitment to Social Justice and Equity

American River College strives to uphold the dignity and humanity of every student and employee. We are committed to equity and social justice through equity-minded education, transformative leadership, and community engagement. We believe this commitment is essential to achieving our mission and enhancing our community.

Violence and hate incidents are not isolated and are symptoms of larger systemic acts of exclusion and structural oppressions. Still, showing that there are more of us committed to this change than those causing the harm and perpetuating hate can make a powerful impact on feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

This institutional commitment to equity and social justice is only as strong as our ongoing collective commitments. We as learners and educators must individually take action and be accountable to actively extending these values across our campus. For this reason, we encourage our community to take the #BeaversAgainstHate Pledge.

By taking the #BeaversAgainstHate Pledge, you are making a public commitment to engage in at least three of the action steps below - one in each category. We encourage you to do many or all of these and come back to sign the Completion of Pledge form detailing the actions you took. We also encourage you to show that commitment online by using the hashtag and tagging @ARCNewsToday on Instagram or Twitter.

American River College as a college commits to providing professional development and training opportunities to address systemic bias, hate, and discrimination.

Report Hate

We take reports of bias, hate, and discrimination seriously. If you or someone you know has experienced bias, discrimination, or hate at ARC, then please contact BJ Snowden, Equity Officer, at to make a report, get resources, and get more information for possible next steps.

Take Action

The ARC community will act in solidarity with all and affirm and defend our values of equity and social justice. In an effort to challenge the frequent feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, we encourage you to take the pledge and engage in at least three of the action steps below - one in each category. Our commitments cannot and do not stop at the pledge or in three acts of solidarity and community. We hope that these actions can create the space toward an ongoing commitment of action, community, and learning leading to a change in lifestyle.

Below are opportunities to build more knowledge, deepen our sense of community, and develop skills to become an active agent of change on campus and in the world (some of these are ARC-specific events).

One way to act is to use your influence to amplify the voice and visibility of marginalized and under resourced students, faculty, and staff. Support the many programs designed to support students in their journeys through ARC.

Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  1. Make a donation to the Beaver Cares Program (the Program Fund directly supports emergency student support initiatives including providing basic needs support to students).
  2. Attend and/or amplify an event hosted by the Native American Resource Center, Black Student Success Center, UndocuScholar Center, PRIDE Center, PRISE, PUENTE, Umoja, a People of Color student organization and/or any of our Los Rios Employee Resource Groups.
  3. Additionally, you can post pictures on social media to encourage others to join you in attending. Remember to tag @ARCNewsToday and/or the student organization(s) or departments hosting.
  4. Patronize the businesses of People of Color communities which includes restaurants, shops, the arts, etc. Share on social media and recommend to others.

Take Action by Learning More About Communities

We can all learn more about communities whether we belong to them or we are working to build solidarity with them. Visit the Center for Teaching and Learning for more information on opportunities.

We encourage you to attend at least one of the following events.


Together We Pledge

  • Thomas Brunton, Programmer I
  • Mariana Valdez Jimenez, TRIO STEM Clerk
  • Stacey Burrows
  • Kathleen O'Brien, English Professor
  • Chad Funk, Associate Vice President, Student Services
  • Amanda Corcoran, Professor
  • Jeff Stephenson, Vice President of Student Services
  • Michael Holmes, Professor
  • Gordon Roadcap
  • Kolleen Ostgaard, Dean of Student Services
  • Madison Griffin
  • Walter Kawamoto
  • Susana Luna
  • Elizabeth Geisser
  • Paul Knox
  • Roxanne Luppino, Interim Counseling Supervisor
  • Don Reid, supervisor
  • Sandra Valdez, Beacon Program Clerk III
  • Andréa Pantoja Garvey, Psychology Professor
  • Cheryl Watt
  • Fong Tran, Transfer Specialist
  • Gina Barnard, Assistant Professor
  • Sam Stevens, Prof
  • Aaron Bradford
  • Jan DeLapp, Dean, Health and Education
  • Bernice Foster, Administrative Assistant
  • Kate Jaques, Associate Vice President of Instruction
  • Chris Olson, Research Analyst
  • Mario A Rodriguez, Outreach Specialist for Financial Aid
  • Tera Reynolds, Black Student Success & Dual Enrollment Faculty Coordinator
  • Robert Musser, Theatre Tech
  • Alisa Shubb, Academic Senate President (2020-2021)
  • Melanie Dixon, President
  • Kevyn Montano
  • Michael Sweet
  • Sonya Reichel, Professor
  • Diana Hicks, Dean of Humanities
  • Scott Crow
  • Melissa Fish, Interim CAI Director
  • Lisa Bertaccini, Assistant Professor
  • Angel Garcia, Interim Program Director
  • Jodie Hooker, Professor
  • Nimo Ali
  • Amy Jones, Interpreter
  • Carson Lowden, Head Volleyball Coach
  • Michael Riordan
  • Michaela Cooper, Dr.
  • Kirsten DuBray, Regional Director of Philanthropy
  • Tori Bovard, Professor of Psychology
  • Kevin Porter
  • Stacey Gershon, Custodian
  • Chris Padgett, Dr.
  • Lyudmila Moraru
  • Megan Bevens
  • John Bell, English Professor
  • Bill Simpson
  • Naomi Dasari
  • Charissa Gorre, Interim Dean
  • Kayla Anaya
  • Frannie Phillips, Administrative Assistant - Safety Center/McClellan Center
  • Farah Aghabeigi, Professor of Accounting
  • Patricia Wood
  • Linda Gelfman, Professor of Art
  • Frank Kobayashi, Vice President of Instruction
  • Elizabeth Coleman
  • Ana Radu, Student Support Specialist
  • Ryan Bonomo, Programmer II
  • Caterina Falli
  • Coco Cabral
  • Fleurdeliza Lipscomb
  • Kathy Sorensen
  • Susan Howe, Professor
  • Lyubpv Militan, SPA
  • Sharon Gott
  • Beth Madigan, Confidential Administrative Assistant
  • Chihiro Machiya, Graphic Designer
  • Kevin Xiong, Clerk
  • Phil Smith, Professor
  • Carolyn Donohoe Mather
  • Oranit Limmaneeprasert, Professor
  • Melody Magers, The Amazing
  • Ryan Lingsweiler, Instructor
  • Chrustian Speck
  • Cesar Reyes, Arts HomeBase Coach
  • Larry Dumais, Professor
  • Jennifer Laflam, English Professor
  • Leslie Reeves, Universal Design for Learning Coordinator
  • Shannon Mendez, Adjunct English Professor
  • Brett Sawyer, Student Life Supervisor
  • Jeff Moran, Assistant Professor of ESL
  • Gary Aguilar, Dean of Technical Education
  • Laura Freund, Adjunct English Professor
  • Lisa Levy, Professor
  • Joe Sjolund
  • Tami Wooden
  • Dana McKnight, FKCE/YESS/ILP Program Coordinator
  • Kristin Farlow, HomeBase Coach
  • Jose Gonzalez, Student Services Specialist
  • Narine Madramootoo
  • Raja Bhattar, Adjunct Faculty - Tutoring Coordinator
  • Jackie Bonham
  • Robin Gallowglas, Financial Aid Supervisor
  • Cheryl Sears, Director of Campus Operations
  • Lori Hokerson, Professor of Psychology
  • Kathleen Sullivan-Torrez, Interim Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics
  • Kevin Porter, Instructional Services Assistant
  • Maureece Levin, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Mallory Ichikawa Buckner, Counselor
  • Teresa Urkofsky
  • Yuj Shimizu, Psychology Professor
  • John Aubert
  • Anita Fortman
  • Kirsten Corbin, Dean, Business and Computer Science
  • John Hess
  • Anne Dieu
  • Leah Arambel
  • Amy Lee
  • Nick Daily, Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion
  • Michael Angelone, Faculty
  • Nicole Moise
  • Sherry Kimbrow
  • Marisol Ayala
  • Vicki Alonso
  • Connie Ayala, Director of Apprenticeships
  • Camille Leonhardt
  • Joshua Moon-Johnson, Dean of Student Services
  • Alice Dieli
  • John Tomasetti, Lead IA – RAD
  • Tim Kovar
  • Araceli Badilla, Beacon Coordinator
  • Heidi Bennett, Faculty
  • Monique Rodgers, MSN, RN
  • Valerie Adger, Student Services Supervisor, Interim
  • Kathi Smith, Culinary Supervisor
  • Parrish Geary, Dean of Student Services, Admissions and Transition Services
  • Amanda Aranda, DSPS Counselor
  • Valerie Bronstein-Connors
  • Kara DeSouza, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Kim Queen, Counselor
  • Chad Cossey
  • Marie Anne Legaspi, Professor
  • Koue Vang, Interim VPA
  • Josef Preciado, Interim Director, Workforce Development
  • Marlene Martinez, Professor of Biology
  • Paul Crow
  • Maria Quintero-Lenihan, Student Personnel Assistant
  • Rina Roy, Dean, Science & Engineering
  • Sandra Wyrick, Director of Nursing Programs
  • Adam Karp, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation
  • Maricela Juarez, Project Director
  • Angela Milano, Dean of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Adam Windham, Dean of Mathematics
  • Faryal Said
  • Joseph Caputo
  • Lynda Reynolds
  • Sarah Cigich, Account Clerk II
  • Sarah Williams Kingsley, Student Personnel Assistant
  • Derrick Booth, Interim Associate Vice President of Workforce Development
  • Zulema Padilla, SPA
  • Debbie Cameron
  • Alexandra Reyes
  • Bernard Garcia-Keegan, Speech Communication Adjunct Faculty
  • Charles Braden, AVP Instruction and Enrollment Management
  • Pamela Bimbi
  • Peg Scott, Professor of Psychology
  • Margaret Travis
  • Jasmine Fackler-Zavala, Clerk 1
  • Clint Allison, Student Support Supervisor - DSPS
  • Justin Moore, Professor
  • Caroline Prieto, Assistant Professor
  • Doug Herndon, Dean of English
  • Saira Bettencourt
  • Rob Griffin, Counselor
  • Shannon Pries, Professor of Reading and English
  • Anthony Carter, SPA-TRIO Upward Bound
  • Martee Squire, Librarian
  • Judy Mays, Counselor/Co-Coordinator, Umoja Sakhu Learning Community
  • Susan Ramones, Professor of Biology
  • Carina Hoffpauir, English Professor / WAC Coordinator
  • Amber Araiza-Davila, Program Advisor (SPA) TRIO SSS STEM
  • Joelle Gibson-Wittrup
  • Roger Davidson, Dean, Natomas Education Center
  • Judy Mays, Counselor/Co-Coordinator, Umoja Sakhu Learning Community
  • Hilary Mroczka
  • Ann Welty, Adjunct Counselor - Athletics
  • Beth Verhage
  • Roderic Agbunag, Counselor
  • Anne Iaccopucci
  • John McCormack
  • Jarrod Lemelin, Lead Laboratory Technician
  • Martina Molina-Kanae, CalWORKs Counselor
  • Teresa Clare
  • Beth Talbott, Administrative Assistant II
  • Lydia Delgado, Counselor
  • Mike Warner, Student Personnel Assistant - DSPS
  • Jane Hoff, Lead Library Technician
  • Robert Musser, Theatre Technician
  • Michaella Ellis, Instructional Assistant
  • Francisco Chima Sanchez
  • Erica West Oyedele
  • Elizabeth L. Nelson
  • Renata Lensky, Internship Developer/SPA
  • Bettie Harris, Administrative Assistant I
  • Patricia Wood, Professor
  • Breanne Holland, Student Services Supervisor
  • Chris Day, Police Captain
  • Gerald Nuckols, Computer Lab Supervisor
  • Paul Andre
  • Neue Leung
  • Don Reid, supervisor
  • Paul Cylinder, Faculty
  • Robin Reilly, Professor, Accounting
  • Jeff Lane Jasinska, IA Chemistry ; M.Ed.
  • Fred Gonzalez
  • Randy Schuster
  • Damon Antos
  • Susan Howe, Professor
  • Rick A. Ramírez, Counselor/Coordinator, Puente Project
  • Bernard Garcia-Keegan, Adjunct Professor of Speech Communication
  • Betsy Garfield
  • Samuel Williams, Theatre Art Professor
  • Stephanie Parrish
  • Cheri Garner
  • Natasha Fratello
  • Bernard Garcia-Keegan, Adjunct Professor of Speech Communication
  • Kristina Casper-Denman, Dr.
  • Matt Cone, Operations
  • Kim Queen, Counselor
  • Martin Gomez, Educator
  • Nancy Montague-Archer ARC Faculty
  • Robin Akawi Adjunct Professor in Psychology ARC Faculty
  • Sue Pierson ARC Student
  • Alondra Salazar ARC Student
  • Dolores Cortez ARC Student
  • Kolleen Ostgaard Dean of Student Services ARC Administrator
  • Charissa Gorre Interim Dean ARC Administrator
  • Cheryl Watt Child Development Center Supervisor ARC Administrator


Sometimes art and poetry can be a powerful way to contextualize and engage the emotional toll these acts of hate, bias, and discrimination can have on all of us.

National Public Radio (NPR) led an initiative to create a crowd sourced poem by over 500 participants crafted into a community poem by Kwame Alexander.

Listen to NPR Podcast