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ARC Institutional Equity Plan

The Institutional Equity Plan provides the framework for ARC’s ongoing efforts to actualize its institution-wide commitment to equity and social justice. It identifies areas for continuing growth and improvement as well as creating a shared understanding of what equity means at American River College.

The plan proposes a foundation for this work as well as exploring the opportunities and challenges that surfaced in dialogue with stakeholders. This plan should be considered a living document that is regularly visited, evaluated, and adapted. The project team was comprised of a group of students, staff, faculty and administrators who contributed their efforts to development of the ARC Institutional Equity Plan.

We Believe…

  • That an inclusive and equitable world is possible.
  • All people deserve to experience their academic and professional goals free from discrimination and bias.
  • The Office of Equity and Inclusion has a role in making American River College a place free from discrimination and bias.

We Are Committed To…

  • Centering the humanity and dignity of all people.
  • Creating an inclusive and safe campus environment for all.
  • Challenging power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Helping employees deepen their commitment to equity and inclusion.
  • Engaging employees in self-reflection and continuous improvement regarding individual and professional equity.
  • Capacity-building for all employees to better embody equity-minded practitionership.