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editorial cartoon depicting a protest by artist Susan Chen

PRISE = Pacific Islander/Asian American Resilience, Integrity, and Self-Empowerment through Education

PRISE is a student support program that enhances the experiences of Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and Asian American (AANHPI) students at ARC. By fostering a supportive, culturally affirming, and empowering education, it strives to increase student success rates. It's open to all, including first-time, continuing, and returning students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Students must join the PRISE Learning Community in order to access specific course offerings and services.

Please contact Dr. Neue Leung for permission to add numbers.

For academic advising, please contact Dr. Judy Mays.

Fall 2024 Classes

For More Information Please Use Search Class Schedules

ANTH 300 (SEC #11708) Professor Kristina Casper-Denman
ANTH 310 (SEC #11619) Professor Kristina Casper-Denman
PSYCH 300 (SEC #11620) Professor Beckum LaQuisha
PSYCH 330 (SEC #11504) Professor Akawi Robin
SPEECH 301 (SEC #10829) Professor Liz Coleman
ENGLISH 300 (SEC #11254) Professor Caroline Prieto
ENGLISH 94 (SEC#11296) Professor Caroline Prieto
PHYS 310 (SEC #18535) Professor Victor H. Zarate
ETHNS 330 (SEC #12552) Professor Mark Carnero
ETHNS 300 (SEC #12547) Professor Mark Carnero
HCD 310 OR 111 (SEC #TBD) TBD

illustration of a fist of resistance with Polynesian tattoos on the wrist, and a green patterned background

UNITE Center Events

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.


PRISE General Email:

PRISEGeneral Phone:
(916) 484-8121


Monday to Thursday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Professor of English:
Dr. Neue Leung

PRISE Staff Support:
Kristasia Vang


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