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LGBTQIA+ Safe Transfer Choices

With graduation around the corner for a lot of you, it’s no surprise to find yourself wondering about the next step in your educational journey. There are so many things to think about: What do I want to study? Where do I want to go? How much will it all cost? But for many of our LGBTQIA+ students, there’s also another big question we have to ask ourselves when looking towards our next destination: Will I be safe?

The ARC Pride Center, in collaboration with the ARC Transfer Center, wants to make sure that the next step in your education is not only a great fit for you academically - but also is a campus environment that gives you the resources and support needed to be unapologetically yourself while you’re there. While there are so many incredible options that go above and beyond in support for their queer students across the United States, there are also some schools that have a history and reputation for being very unsafe for LGBTQIA+ students - and many fall somewhere in between and are neither extraordinary nor terrible.

The following is a list of 30 universities and colleges around the country, from state schools to private institutions, that go above and beyond for their LGBTQIA+ students. These campuses all:

  • have queer safe spaces and equity centers
  • have larger queer populations
  • provide community resources catered to their LGBTQIA+ students and staff
  • offer queer and trans healthcare services
  • include queer-related courses and representation in their curriculum
  • have gender-inclusive and LGBTQIA+ housing options

If you have any questions about any of these schools and what they offer, or want to know if your school offers any of these queer-friendly services, please let us know and we can connect you to the answers you are looking for.












North Carolina:



New Jersey:

New York:


This next list, however, are the top 5 schools that Campus Pride has listed as the Worst of 2021. These are schools that have fought to actively discriminate against their LGBTQIA+ students’ rights and safety. These schools are considered unsafe, and many of them do not have active safe spaces or equity centers on campus for their queer student population. If you are still interested in attending any of the following schools, please reach out so that our team can try and find you a stable support system in the area before you transition over.




New York: