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Basic Firefighter Academy

This 530-hour course provides manipulative and technical training in basic concepts of fire department organization, ropes, knots and hitches, hose and hose handling, ladder evolutions, wildland fires, fire investigation, fire prevention, salvage operations, fire department apparatus, tools and equipment, breathing apparatus, how to prepare yourself for a career in the fire service, extinguishers, personal protective equipment, communications, hazardous materials, confined space awareness, FF safety and survival, emergency care, forced entry, and physical fitness training is provided as part of our program.

The academy starts Monday, August 15, 2022 and ends Friday, December 16, 2022. There is a mandatory Orientation scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, 2022. Time TBD.

Enrollment and Certification

Credit enrollment is one semester (approximately 14.5 units) through American River College.

Certification includes California OSFM Firefighter I; ICS: I100, I200, I700; Confined Space Rescue Awareness; Fire Control 3; Firefighter Survival; CSTI Pro Board Haz Mat FRO; Wildland L180, S190, S130, and S131.


Application period begins May 2, 2022 and ends May 27, 2022. After the academy has received and reviewed all submissions, an academy staff member will contact each applicant with information regarding the mandatory entrance testing and academy orientation.

Basic Firefighter Academy Application

Registration Fees

Total Fees: $3,601 to $3,627. All fees are subject to change.
Fee Name Amount Paid to
Enrollment and Tuition Fees $664 to $690 (14 to 15 units at $46 per unit)

American River College

Student Materials $758 CFRTA
Student Certifications $385 CFRTA
CSFM FF1 Testing and Certification $150 CSFM
SCBA Rental $480 SCBA Vendor
PPE Rental/Purchase $799 PPE Rental Vendor
Uniform Package $245 Uniform Vendor
PT Gear Uniform Package $120 Uniform Vendor

*Fees for Student Materials, Certifications, SCBA Rental and PPE Rental may be substantially less pending approval of Grant money provided by ARC. The fees currently do not reflect this and will be adjusted lower if approved.


Academy Director
Captain Tim Adams (SFD Ret.)
(916) 767-2380

Classes Meet

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 0630-1700 hours. If needed some classes may be scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the discretion of the Academy Staff.


Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority
2409 Dean Street McClellan, CA 95652
Room #130